Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The International Handicrafts Exhibition held in Qurum Park

Overall, the crafts available for display in Qurum Park for the International Handicrafts Exhibition were not overwhelmingly impressive. Also, while the date and location of the event were announced in Arabic and English, the timing was not, to typical annoyance.
However, I did get the contacts for different craftspeople, ranging from Qatari hand embroidery, Omani silver and tile work, Egyptian date palm frond work, and information about loans for Omani businesses from Oman's Housing Bank. Visually unimpressive, yes, but useful nonetheless.
Visually and historicaly interesting to me, was the Iranian handwork on Iranian traditional dress ... Which seems to be where Omani traditional dress emerges from, while retaining a more Yemeni flavor in jewelry.

Did you go? If so did you like the exhibition or find it useful or informative for forming contacts? I'm curious.

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