Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ode to a powder blue abaya I could have worn, but didn't

If I were to do-over my first trip to Angelina's in Muscat, I'd have worn my new powder blue abaya. Albeit, that is a risky venture, as prone as I am to getting anything chocolate on anything that isn't black or brown in colour...but there is something so lady-like about powder blue.
When I was a non-Muslim I had a powder-blue suit that I wore with a silk leopard scarf, and leopard print heels and I called it my "Princess Suit". Of course, a princess or president's wife must always pair powder blue with something safe like white or beige, but even Jackie O liked a little does of leopard with her powder blue in her personal life;).
If you are a fashionista or a blogger you can totally get away with it, I figure. Powder blue has always made me feel royal of course, like I can afford to throw away my clothes because for sure I will ruin anything with the word "powder" in the colour description.
But I mean, I am not the only one who thinks this way. Look at the Princess of Kent, Diana, and Katherine...even Julie Andrews wears powder blue when she's instructing Anne Hathaway on how to be a Princess in the movies!

Jackie's Dressing Room: Powder blue with a dash of leopard
So when I do wear my powder blue abaya, will it be with beige or white, or with a dash of something wild? Wait and see.

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