Thursday, August 10, 2017

Going back to the land far-and-away for a while so no blog for me for now

I'm going to take a little break from this blog until the end of the month to travel. That means the other OPNO girls are free to update in the mean time if they wanna, but I am not going to be checking our email or posting for the time being.

Just travelling, nothing drastic. Visiting friends and family. The plan is to take photos, eat out too much, and walk until our legs fall off.

Until the fall, masalama y'all.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bank Muscat and their general suckiness when it comes to credit cards

You have probably read Dhofari Gucci's rant about Bank Muscat screwing up her travel plans through never issuing her credit? If not, well, here's the post: [ ].

The same thing basically happened to my husband. Correction: is still happening. We are supposed to fly this weekend and still, no credit card. That means no hotel bookings, no car rentals, etc... And we are supposed to be the privilege banking set at BM????!!! Well obviously that means nothing.

Good thing I have a sister who will let me sleep on the floor of her kitchen/living room in her studio apartment right? Good thing I have funds in a bank over there, or we'd be screwed. Good thing they sell pre-paid credit cards you can use for airline bookings once over there in case anything goes wrong with our return flight.

My rant against Bank Muscat?:

First thing screwed up was BM blacklisting us on credit, because the car dealership where we bought our car put through the wrong cheque for us. So of course it bounced.

We fixed this by paying ahead a couple months cheques, and got an apology letter from the dealership to ask the bank to take us off the black-list. This does take around 22 days in general, and it also involves getting a salary certificate from our employers... so for it not being our mistake this really sucked but it was understandable.

Then that was done, and we were supposed to be re-issued a visa card in a week. I said, let's count on two weeks at least. Of course, it has almost been two months now and nothing.

Which is, frankly, unacceptable. My husband can't just move to another bank. He's got the car loan through there, and we should pay it off in whole to move. As I said, always buy cars in cash, but whatever.

I moved to HSBC because I was tired of no one at Bank Muscat knowing what to do. Things are allowed in Oman, like using one's account with just a passport but not a resident card, but apparently they don't know the laws, just their policies. HSBC on the other hand, cannot seem to issue a bank card. I am tired of waiting for my bank debit card. Sigh. What to do.

I've heard Bank Sohar is good;). Alas, with so few debit machines, I dunno.

Unlike Dhofari Gucci, I find BM branch staff to be friendly, but then, I live in Muscat, and I do use City Centre branch. They screw up every wire they've ever sent for me, but they are friendly about apologizing at least. They can't seem to get anything done that I need, however, so I don't know if friendly staff alone is gonna guarantee them anyone's business.

UPDATE: Apparently the credit card was ready for pick up in Muscat the second day we had arrived overseas away from Oman. Which was absolutely useless to us, but oh well.