Saturday, July 8, 2017

Shopping at City Centre Seeb Last Week

I was window shopping at City Centre the other day, and thus, here is a shopping post. I really liked this black chiffon dress from Zara and Promod had the perfect summer cardigan to go with it, and both were on sale. Promod, H&M, and Zara all have really nice mule slides, and I see myself wearing this dress with a lot of Omani silver, and any other random tribal Aldo or H&M crap that I have, with mules, a palm frond woven traditional handbag, and a black chiffon head-band. If you think it looks like something a character from "The Mummy" would wear, I totally loved that movie, and thank you MBC 3 for playing the 1999 one over the weekend (although for some reason they edited out Beni speaking Hebrew which was sooooo strange but whatever Saudi).
I also really liked the white dresses at Origem. I do love the Navy striped and silver threaded number in the window at Promod  but couldn't find any left in store, so Origem's white dresses will have to do if I want a floor length dress from the mall racks this month. I could totally see myself over-accessorizing these with over-the-top Yemeni and Omani baubles, a big Rosie Assouline straw hat, coral lipstick, and something simple and woven, like the slides and straw clutch from H&M.
Of course, if I ever was a runaway bride again in Arabia, I'd love the lightness of the lace capelet dress from Origem that I saw. Pair it with a Juliette-veil in the same sort of lace (first veil I found searching Juliette-veil actually to order online), and some classic gold sandals (I love these from Zara and should buy them), and I'd probably wear some earrings because that is me. Do a bouquet of bougainvillea with Omani limes, or ribbon-tied jasmine, or a pomegranate pomander and you're set.

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Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I bought the last pair of shoes. Thank you Zara sale. Who doesn't need gold sandals in the desert?