Monday, July 24, 2017

Motorcross in Oman, and ATV-ing in Oman

Motorcross is something that my male cousins did/do. It is not something that I ever got into, due to how many broken bones and spectacular wipe-outs we [insert-family name] were already famous for, without adding my inelegance and penchant for clutz to the sport.

I did go-karting occasionally. I drove an atv around a family property because it was big and that's how one hauled stuff on that kind of acreage, but I never really got into any one kind of motorsport, truly.  And my Uncle did crash all us kids into a tree in an ATV once, and that really, really hurt.

My sister was the girl who drifted. My cousins the ones who did rally-driving or motor-cross races. I am the girl who never even got her DL for a street car.

As my son is getting bigger though, I thinking about getting into motorcross. He loves ATV-ing, but as I live in Seeb area, and I disagree with people ATV-ing on the beach, I wonder, beyond the one farm near us, where will he ride if we did get him an ATV?

But is it motorcross bikes and motorcycles that truly make his little eyes light up.

Maybe not motorcross racing for a kid under ten of course, but the bikes are fun. It looks like something that would genuinely fun to do in Oman (being that there are less trees here). Of course, same issue applies. How to haul the bikes (i.e can our car pull them on a trailer etc.) or where can he ride?

Searching online I found feww ell-publicized sporting events, but I assume that the Omani Automobile Association can better update members than they do their websites and such? Anyways, when the school season starts for the kids, I'll check out what I can about bike prices, places to ride, and events.

So far, I just know ATV-ing. On the road from Seeb to the Wave there's one place. Little bikes are 5 omr for 40 min, two-seaters are 10 for 40 min. The guys there usually give us around 50 min. . Boushar sand dunes area the bikes are located just after Muscat Grand Mall towards the Al Amerat road. Hourly rentals here (60 min) range from 6 omr to 30 omr depending on the type of ATV. My co-wife swears she's argued for 5 omr rentals here, but maybe because I don't speak Arabic no one gives me this price? I dunno. So, rental prices make the argument towards buying our own ATVs for sure, since they are fun even when it is hot out, provided I learn what repair costs for them are. Everything costs more in Muscat;).
And, in case you are wondering, ATV-ing is totally easy to do in abaya. Like if you don't want to wear front-open styles just rent the 10 omr two-seater and voila, modest driving. They even let women in Saudi do it;) ;p. Motorcross on the other hand, as I've said, I've never tried, and so, have not managed to see how easy it is to do in hijab.

I promise to do some research on this and get back to y'all in future.

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