Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Arabian Princess: My fave is Lalla Salma of Morocco

My favourite Arabian Princess is....Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco. Not for her policies, her charity work, the scope of her intelligence, her Islamic practice or anything else important really...

...But because she looks how a princess should least to me.

The first time I saw Princess Lalla Salma I thought, that woman looks like a Princess. She was dressed as pictured above. I was smitten. Who was this beautiful, fairy-tale woman come to life? I wondered. She was like a pre-Raphaelite painting, but with an impish, human smile.

Turns out, she is Royalty, so yeah, that's probably why she looks like a Princess.The Moroccan national dress of "takchita" totally helps the whole royal image as well. You can't get more princess-ey than takchita really.
But really, it is the hair. Long, red, curly hair.
Plus, they often seat her next to her ultra-glamorous bestie Sheikha Moza who she shares a lot of charity work with, so like, the glam factor goes way up. And I love how the two women are polar opposites when it comes to fashion. For formal events Lalla Salma is very traditional while Moza is high-fashion. For normal day-to-day Salma does more casual, but designer fashion, and Moza is more traditional, in abaya or caftan-like ensembles or  long skirt suits for such.
Admittedly, Lalla Salma's non-caftan style is rather unremarkable unless she is wearing head-to-toe red. If not for her natural beauty and that hair, you could even call it ordinary. Safe. Classic. A little old-fashioned even, or dated. And yet...there is still something a little magical about her.
And yet, still when I see her I think to myself, she looks like a princess. And then she puts on a caftan and can stand next to a Queen like Let. of Spain, or Rania of Jordan, and make me feel sorry for them, that they don't get to be real princesses, just the modern equivalent. Which is simply not as enchanting.
So when it comes to Arabian Princesses, she is the Princess of the Princesses, because she looks like a Fairy-tale.

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Lydia Mills said...

I have never heard of her until now, (I live in NZ), I agree, she really looks like a princess ought to. Is she Berber?