Thursday, June 29, 2017

OOTD: My Eid outfit this year, because I didn't care very much

My Eid outfit this year was nothing much at all. I had no time for tailors and I tried to shop but found nothing I liked, and anything I own that I still like I've worn such a dozen times before and people have already seen it and will be like, awww, miskeen.

And I did mean to buy a new shayla, but a thief stole my purse while I was in the middle of shopping for one, so the only headscarf I had that kind of matched belonged to our ex-maid and she didn't even like it enough to take it with her when she went back to her country so. Yeah.

I do like the little puff sleeve on this floral dress, because it is a bit airy, and it matched my father's old leather belt, and that leather belt always helped me pretend I was Maid Marian when I was a kid, so;). Basically the only thing I like is the belt and the sleeves.

My henna also sucked because I did it myself with a crappy henna tube with a toddler and a baby pulling on me and biting my ankles while I was trying to do it and let it dry... So call me cheap this Eid. I will distract y'all from that by placing a lovely silver hand mirror and an inlaid box in the shot of it, ha ha ha.


Elisakashmir said...

😂 nice post. being an elegant woman means also to be able to be autoironic at times.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Elisa: Ha;) I am never elegant. I am the woman who falls down the stairs at the opening of the Opera House and stuff like that;).

But I'd love to be. Sigh. Ah but for want of grace.

Elisa Kashmir said...

rolling gently is not for everyone :P