Tuesday, June 6, 2017

More Corruption: Recent Land Grabs for Retired Criminals

Oh yeah, in other news, that retired government dude who we can't prosecute because we only learned of his crimes after he retired? (Despite the fact that a handful of Omanis formerly employed as intelligence were pretty obviously just randomly rounded up and jailed for allegedly spying on Oman for UAE---some who claim to have been tortured and never saw the evidence of what they were accused of---when this was more than likely his, and his buddies', crime?).

Well, he's got himself another free HUGE-ASS chunk of expensive land in an expensive area that has no land, never mind the giant palace he's already built himself on the Al Khoud road up toward Sultan Qaboos University.

Makes me so mad, and totally sucks for the people who went to jail for HIS crimes, who now, are not allowed to work in the government sector in Oman...because the only way to prove their innocence would be to prove the corruption of a man who can't be tried (because he retired) or show the corruption of the courts (good luck with that one----ask the Omani journalists who've tried).

BTW, I am being vague enough that I shouldn't be punished for writing this article, but I totally do know names, have a photo of the land deed, etc. , but I am being a good little girl and not writing them anyways because the laws are vague. So I am being equally vague, because my MIL has been waiting for her legitimate land claim for years, and hasn't got nothing. She did not steal from the gov., she did not ruin a bunch of other peoples lives, she did not give away Oman's government secrets to the UAE. She does have wasta in the housing ministry, but she does not use it. Because of this, she cannot get her itty bitty little piece of land, that the law says she's entitled to, but CRIMINALS who USED TO BE HEADS OF GOVERNMENT CAN AND MORE.

I love Oman, and because I do, I ask (vaguely) why is that?

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