Monday, May 8, 2017

Preserving the architectural history of Oman by Oman's Own Citizens: STEP ONE

I am really thankful for the Curtis Law Blog for reading my mind, because I really needed to know how to start an NGO in Oman, for the purposes of creating something akin the Georgian societies in England and Ireland, and the Victorian society in Canada, who aim to preserve the culture, both architectural and cultural, of given eras.

For Oman, we currently have nothing like this. We have so many projects, and so many talented people, and so much history, and apparently, even some free resources, and volunteers, but all this exists with no connections, no framework, no easy path to discovery and help for deserving efforts. Everything that we do have is currently unorganized, uncoordinated, and undefined, with no collaboration, and few resources for citizens to preserve elements of culture, such as important buildings, structures, or sites...and while there is some support for artisans and knowledge, this is made irrelevant if it has no meaningful economic application (so I have found personally).

Anyways, will see what I can do on this, but thank you Curtis Law Blog, for preventing me for having to google another subject today (since I still have a thousand on my list left to google).


mikidi said...

Such an important topic: establishing an NGO or charity or non-profit humanitarian aid project. In Oman. For the many talented and dedicated people who are motivated to help others. Will be following your progress, and looking forward to learning about the process.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Miki: thank you. Probably nothing to update until after Ramadan.