Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My First Poisonous Snake-In-the-Yard Experience

I have lived in Oman a lonnnnng time. I have been visiting the country regularly even longer. I myself have never seen a poisonous snake (or even a not-poisonous snake) here, in Muscat, in the Wadis, or the mountains or desert. That means...they are not too common, or I am lucky...I guess?

...Although, a sister-in-law-through marriage was bitten as a child and still suffers (the bite was not immediately treated and caused nerve damage I am guessing), and another sister-in-law in Mabaila living near a wadi had a few in her house that had to be killed. And back when I lived in Barka a ten-year old boy was bitten by a viper and died very fast, before they could take him to the hospital, so it does happen I suppose. And my little sister saw a viper in PDO housing once. The house boy (that's what my parents called him not my fault---he was more like our gardener?) killed it with a stick.

Well, all that changed recently when I was in Canada, because my kids saw a snake in our yard in Muscat. Yes, I was not here, but it was in my yard, spotted by a two-year old, so that counts as even scarier don't you think? Alhamdulilah no one was bitten.

The snake apparently climbed the tree next to the wall around our yard, dropped down to the balcony of the roof, and then dropped from there to the yard, which was witnessed thankfully, so no one went to change the gas cylinder, where the snake decided to curl up and around after the exertion of getting into our yard.

I don't know what kind of snake it is (it is shown in the photo above the post), but my Omani husband insists it is poisonous, and promptly killed it. How, I did not ask. He once shot a harmless but ugly little yellow lizard inside our rental home with a rifle sooooo....Needless to say any poisonous snake in our yard is going to get itself killed.

I don't know much about snakes, and there are no poisonous snakes where I am from so I have no natural fear of them, and I've always wanted to see one out in the wild, but not in my yard, around my kids;).

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