Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Dream-Home PT 2

So I was wandering around looking for an old house to renovate when I stumbled upon my dream home. My husband seemed almost saddened that I fell in love with the wretched ruin that I did happen to fall head-over-heels for, because he was hoping for something classified as "sufficient" not "ruinous" by the Heritage Ministry, but we can't help who we love right? I happen to love a house that has no front door, few ceilings, and no roof. What can you do?

TO MY LITTLE SIS: Used bookshops and over-priced coffee shops gluten-free chocolate cake remind me of you.
LITTLE SIS: Walking to the lighthouse reminds me of Dad.
TO MY LITTLE SIS: Does any place remind you of me? [I totally expect her to say libraries, because all my friends always say libraries...or antique shops].
LITTLE SIS: Castles. Crumbling down ruinous castles. I don't know why. But that's you as a place to me.

She's so spot on.

So yeah. My dream house.

Me: It is situated on a very quiet street.
My Husband: By quiet do you mean totally abandoned?

Me: .... Anyways, yeah, so it has really high ceilings. lots of open concept potential in the bones of the lay-out....
My Husband: ...That would be because it is missing the ceilings. And a couple of walls. And the roof.

Me: Walls, schmalls.... Look at the space. And the lay-out. This was the kitchen (it even has the fireplace I always wanted... But imagine it as the living room? And the kitchen could go over there, and a bathroom, a laundry, and even a guest bedroom if you wanted. I don't know about the engineering but you might be able to make a separate entrance for that bedroom even.Then it could be like the majlis.

And the entry.... Look at the entry...
Me cont'd: Like, yeah I know those stairs need to be replaced, and like, the place is a ruin, but what a beautiful riun. Can't you imagine this though, all fixed up with like 16th-18th century antiques in here? Arabic lighting/

My husband: It would be beautiful. This was once a rich person's house by the height of the ceilings.

Me: It is even lain out like an English home. Door. Entry. Entry, Stairs to bedrooms upstairs. Down through entry, living room (was kitchen but make the kitchen further inside). Kitchen here. Bathroom/Laundry here. Guest room here. Khalas. It is PERFECTION.

My husband: Whoever owns this, they'll never sell it to you. or they'll ask for too much.

Me: Can you at least find out who owns it for me and try? I love it. I'll sell our house in Muscat in order to buy it and fix it. But I have to know who owns it to know how much it will cost to fix it etc...
So yeah, I know it is still a ridiculous day-dream but then, so was building our Muscat townhouse when we started and now that's done so....;) you never know right? This is Oman. Anything can happen.


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I know who owns the house now! Just gotta ask if they'd sell, and if so, for how much!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

And so far they don't want to sell...And the Shaykh's family already want to buy it (for sure they can bid more than I can) so for now it seems written that it is not to be... Alas.