Friday, January 27, 2017

DAILY DIARY: What to do if you're bored in Dhakliyia/the Interior over the weekend?

OPNO: "I swear I wasn't always this boring. I used to do stuff. I had adventures."
SAM: "You have adventures. You have so many stories."
OPNO: "But I don't, like, climb any more. I used to climb. I want to climb."
SAM: "Your husband would be okay with that?'
OPNO: "Maybe. He's bored too. He used to do stuff too before we married. I blame Omani culture, that men and women have separate adventures. Or we become house bodies. And boring. If I have to have another wadi picnic or another walk around City Centre mall, I'll die. And a village weekend means sitting in a warm room, stuck in a headscarf all the time even with other women, eating and making limited conversation in Arabic."

But, apparently, it doesn't have to be...if only I can convince my Omani husband to take me to his childhood play places. As pictured in this post.

The last time we escaped the village to explore though, was three kids ago, though, so... enjoy what I haven't managed to in a long time. I remember swimming in a mountain wadi, no one in the world around. ...And climbing to an abandoned hill tower, seeing the sunset.

Good times. Before kids.

If you don't have an Interior-Region-Western-Hajar-Mountain-Omani-husband to take you then Canyon Adventure Tours offers climbing, rappelling, caving, horse riding, and trekking through the mountains. The guides are all friends with my husband (I think they all grew up together), and know the wadis we go to, and all the hidden interior stuff we see, plus can explain all the Omani cultural stuff as good as I would anyways. I don't happen to know their rates because I never pay to do any of this (but would if it meant I could escape lunch and just go!!!!) but you could phone to ask [91104466 and 99412660].BTW, they didn't pay me or give me anything to write this. They actually don't know me at all (us Omani men and women keep pretty separate you know) but I know my husband loves this stuff, and it definitely beats the more usual, duller interior stuff.
 And away from our village, to Jebel Shams, for that awesome selfie shot:

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