Sunday, January 15, 2017

DAILY DIARY: what I've been up to, and Muscat Festival 2017

The truth about what I've been up to?

Honestly? Not much. Work, kids...I have a new laundry machine so I've been doing laundry.

I love laundry machines. Seriously. They are awesome. Carrefour delivery... not so much.

I also made this goal to get stronger. Not to exercise or lose weight or anything lame women like to say like that, but to be stronger, to gain muscle and cardio endurance, and maybe some flexibility and skill. You won't see me taking on extreme endurance events like Spartan, like Heather over at her blog;). But, like, I've started with push ups and sit ups and crunches, and using weights and just holding out my arms...

...Because generally, if you are a Muslim woman living in the GCC? You get weak, like seriously, atrociously weak here. Like if you try to carry stuff, people try to help you with it. And doing physical labour, like cutting the grass, digging a hole, building a wall, painting a wall... well, even that isn't normal to do and it can be hard to find a way to do it in a way it's "accepted".

I wanted to do jui-jitsu or mixed martial arts lessons here (I'm not a very motivated gym person), but there is no women-only stuff going on. It's hard for me to learn just watching too, and unless it is an emerg. sit. I just can't justify wrestling in close quarters with a dude. My husband could do the lessons for me and try to teach me, but are they gonna teach him according to my weight class and body type? No. So for now... nothing on that.

-But...bought some wrist wraps just in case.

But...I bought them in pink so for sure everyone will know that I have no idea what I am doing.
And I bought my first pair of runners since like, 2003. I know hiking boots, but like, runners? I just chose the ones that said they were for running in the end. I dunno.

I decided to try dune surfing. Went to the Barka junction lights and took the left to the road to wadi Abyad (lots of construction, results in a detour that is beyond long) to get to the Suwadi Al Batha' dunes.

So. Dune surfing/sand sledding?:

Didn't work, at least not using cardboard surf boards, and plastic tea trays, it didn't. These get bogged down and hardly move unless you flip them...

...And then sand tastes like, well, sand. [,57.6459673,17z]

My Omani husband didn't think it would work. I insisted it would. He thought the attempt to make it work was hilarious though, and worth it in the end. I think there must be a way to do it, but yeah, things that would work on snow? Soooooo don't work on sand.
Oh, and it was like "date night".

 Which is like, super important when you are in poly marriage. You are like, yes, it is finally my days on a weekend. Think of it, as only having a weekend once or twice a month.

Of course, husband was all nervously guessing what the perfect kids-free date would be. In the end I was like, "Can we just go  and see the new Star Wars movie?"
And he was like, sure.

...Even though he doesn't like Star Wars really.

So, saw Rogue One at City Center, Seeb.

I liked it. Less "little kids" Star Wars. Although some flaws I saw (dude who spent his entire life fighting the Empire to the point of extremism just lies down to die?!!!) and that hug on the beach....Like, Rebel first date idea?: Let's sit down on the beach, hug, and watch the planet explode around you? ...I don't know.
But otherwise, I loved it. Now, no one can ever call the Death Star architect an idiot, ever again.


Obviously Chirrut, Temple Priest: "I am one with the Force, and the Force is one with me" because it is repeated, alot. But me, personally, liked when the he tells Rebel Captain Cassian not all prisons are the same and that Cassian takes his with him wherever he Cassian is trying to escape from their prison cell.

Bodhi Rook, defecting Imperial Pilot (Arab actor, Arab accent, not playing a terrorist but a hero, a hero the story couldn't take place without)---About to leave on a last-chance suicide mission to save the Rebellion, the Alliance asks for the call sign of the ship that he's in the process of stealing: "This is Rogue One." [In future Star Wars movies you'll notice Luke Skywalker is 'Rogue Leader' and there's a Rogue 2 but that out of respect for this dude, no one ever uses the Rogue One call sign again.]

Cassian Andor, Spy/Alliance Intelligence Officer: "Rebellions are built on hope." "We don't all have the luxury of deciding when and where we care about something." And of course, Jyn to Cassian: J "Are you with me?" C "All the way." ...And Cassian basically telling Jyn the rebellion is her home. Plus battle advice: "Make ten men feel like a hundred."

Sassy reprogrammed Imperial robot K2: When Cassian lets Jyn keep the blaster she stole; "Would you like to know the probability of her using it against you? It's very high." When Jynn shoots at a random Imperial droid "Did you know that wasn't me?" because she didn't care less at the time. Again, to Jyn, when K2 rescues her: "I'll be there for you. Captain said I had to." When asked why he didn't stay on the ship by Cassian, says "That was an awful lot of explosions for two people blending in" and "I was bored." To Cassian and Jyn: "Your arguments are vague and unconvincing." When told [the Rogue One crew] that they could all die in the vacuum of space, he pipes up "Not me. I can survive in space." When their cover is blown: "I'm taking these prisoners...To imprison prison." 

Jyn Erso, normal person caught up in the struggle against the Empire. In reply yo Mon Mothma, who is listing her faults and why Jyn a terrible person for the mission: "This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel."  When pointing out that she shouldn't like the sight of Imperial flags flying everywhere, Jyn initially says "it isn't a problem if you don't look up" which I totally felt. Finally, indicating that she has come into the role circumstance and those around her want her to play; "We'll take the next chance, and the next, until we win, or the chances are spent."

And of course the bad guy, Darth Vader: "Careful not to choke on your aspirations." As he chokes the dude.

So, after that, I was like, can you teach me to shoot? [to my husband, not Darth Vader].

...Because Star Wars movies always make me feel like I should be a tougher chic than I am right.

My husband is a pretty good teacher for things that require movement, and he's a decent shot. So he says yes. He usually takes second or first in marksmanship contests, depending on the gun type and the other competitors. I always grumble, I'd place well in swords....

I'm the girl that would-be-kidnappers, rapists, creeps, think makes an easy target, and since I insist on keeping my independence (to me this means going places by myself) my Omani husband has been after me to keep a gun with me anyways. Even just in the house, because, you know, I'm not a lucky person. I'm a rather lucky unlucky person, like bad stuff happens to me, but I get through it. I'm a fighter, but in the totally wrong body. I'm stuck in the please-kidnap-or-molest-me body because creeps are always cowards 99.9% of the time.

...But I hesitated for a couple of reasons. One of them being...

...I've always believed I was a lousy shot. This may come from my inability to make out the pellet or bullet holes in targets. And my general knife-throwing capabilities, which are utter crap. I have no wish to give anyone a weapon to use against me beyond their probably-more-than-mine body mass and muscle.

But with shooting?

Apparently I am so close to the mark I always assumed that wasn't me. Or I use something with a shoddy site, and then I aim terrible. I need a decent site to aim.

So my husband made targets that blow to pieces when you hit them and we discovered I can do this pretty repetitively without any misses quite easily, which makes me feel pretty good about myself.

Like, I am actually a pretty decent shot. That makes a girl feel good about herself more than a bouquet of roses or diamond bracelet ever could, I assure you.

It was like, the perfect date. Shooting lessons. A little knife throwing practice, and Star Wars. LOL.

Which made me think of, I think it was Other Oman? complaining about an Omani guy's idea of date being shooting at Mountain Dew cans, and I'm like... that'd so work for me;XD.

Husband's idea for date night number 2 was to go to Muscat Festival, so we drove to Al Amirat...

....Which would have been totally cool...

But....Muscat Festival starts on the 19th of this month;p so yeah.

In the end we had schwarma and falafel, and sat in the dirt of a wadi bed, and talked about going to Muscat Festival when it actually stay tuned for that.

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