Saturday, January 28, 2017

After my dune-surfing fail...I am assured that this works

After my dune-surfing fail a couple weeks ago, my surfer-girl BFF Am (Tofino days, that was us) assures me this works.

"It's a West Coast thing," she assures me.

"Isn't it kind of our 'red-neck' thing?" I ask back, since we totally did this with shopping carts and trailer hitches, couches, and everything, as small town kids.

"If it's a surf board, it isn't a red-neck thing to do," Am insists.

"What about if it a silver tea tray?" I ask her.

That, apparently, remains open to debate. So, sand-surfing...well, sand-towing... I wonder if I should try it. Like all the good 'ole days, I can see myself under the tires somehow lol. Anyways...

BTW, does anyone know if they they sell sand-surfing boards anywhere in Oman? I'm just curious? Or are they custom? And both ways, how much do they cost?


Anonymous said...

Sandboards (strap in kind of thing) in Go Sport. Surfboards.. no idea!

Anonymous said...

ORYX ADVENTURES are bringing sand boards to Oman in time for September.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

ORYX adventures would be rentals right or some tour thing? I'm looking to purchase not to rent or like be led on any kind of tour. I generally like to be my own guide;). I will google to check if that's a shop front though.

Go sport. Will google where that is. I want to know how much they are.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Oryx Adventures...did not see any on sale online yet but loving that you list your prices, so if I do need biking gear...

Go Sport...I'll have to check Grand Mall I guess. Online there's pics on the FB but no prices.