Friday, December 9, 2016

THE HOUSE: DIY around the house for December in Oman

Now this weekend I had some goals.

1.) Do work for work...And I tried, really I did. Maybe tonight, at midnight. Pull an all-nighter? It could happen. Maybe.

2.) Then, the goal was to hand-wash all the bed linens and blankets and towels. Exhausting, annoying work.

I will do so, after I finish this post, I swear. InshaAllah.

3.) DIY projects. I could paint. I mean, artistically paint. I finished one out of the three canvases I am currently working on in terms of hangable art. That requires more concentration than being home alone with kids allows however. Hence, I need nap-time projects.

I could finish painting roses on the girls' used bedroom set, as started but stopped and seen below lol:
Or I could get the materials I need to complete our downstair's powder room at least. My inspiration is Mark D. Sikes' iconic console table.  As my powder room sink is blue and white porcelain, I think I can do something similar.
Mark. D. Sikes' iconic console table
This means getting the right background paint, a large interior paint brush, and priming canvas panels with gesso and then the perfect shade of de Gourney green-blue, then, when I have time, handpainting chinoisserie trees and flowers on them. Then, get them framed, and the bathroom tile drilled, and hanging them, to hide the shotty workmanship of our contractor on the powder room tile work. 
It also means sourcing a DIY piece of small wooden furniture to paint black, and then "Japan" with gold and enamel. I already have a lot of seagrass and palm frond baskets. I just need some coral and white crystal objects, a vase with palm fronds, and voila! It will be a super chic and very useful powder room. Right now it is... depressing:
I could also drive out to the garden center. Our front gates desperately needs me to make a wire frame (spray-paint black) so I can train bougainvillea and jasmine to grow in an arch above it. My son loves playing in the yard this time of year.
However, I am contemplating paint our steel front door. I hate things that look... cheap. I love cheap things, don't get me wrong but I totally believe in faking it until making making it, and I've done this almost all my life;).

I love glossy black. I will eventually replace with a wood door when I have money to spare, if ever, and then we'll do shutters too, in Paris blue or tropical turquoise or something with the front door painted to match, but until then, should I do a glossy black on the steel door?
 Also, I love wreaths on doors anytime of the year. I know how to make dried magnolia ones, but in Oman, I don't have magnolia really. So I am wondering if I can spray-paint dried mango leaves and do the same? It is worth a try.


Bemused said...

Hand-wash all the bed linens and blankets and towels? Washing machine, laundry or throw them out. I lived in an African community with no electricity and we hand washed - and that's the only reason for such tasks.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Bemused: I seem to be cursed when it comes to washing machines. Until my next salary I'm handwashing everything.