Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sad about the death of Princess Leia: Omani husband asks if I want to go to the azza

My little sister is supposed to be the nerd/geek girl. She writes fan fiction, uses anime character art as her profile pic on stuff, does cos play, thinks very pale white tall thin guys with odd messy black hair who are good with knives and swords are attractive, all that. When I say I like Star Wars her friends look at me like:
...I was the girl who could follow her along to Comic-Con in my normal clothes, and people expected me to, I guess, be 'Penny' from the "Big Bang Theory" show etc, but when it comes down to it, I'm the bigger 'geek' or 'nerd' I guess because when I heard Carrie Fisher died, the actress who played Princess Leia in "Star Wars" I felt really sad. [Not to mention that I did win the Star Wars trivia contest at every one of these weird events I have ever been to.]


Yes, I know, it's like, being your mother, when Diana died, and being all "I'll hate Charles and Camilla forever"-about-it-ridiculous. My Omani husband snidely said "do you want to go to the azza?"
Azza, btw, is an Omani funeral, which I generally avoid going to, because I hate them.

A person has to be someone I admire (or someone my husband would cry over) for me to attend.

I prefer to pray for the dead in private, or grieve alone.
But, like, Princess Leia is my favourite royal of all time.

...And Carrie Fisher was a really darling personality.

Why does this matter to a Muslim girl? Because I am a girl.

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? 

(Little Western girls get asked this a lot so as a girl you think about it. Like, which one of them is most like you, or who would you like to be like.) ....My little daughter likes Elsa. Mheh.

Well, people would be like "You're so Belle, because you love to read." I'd be like, she's okay I guess, but Pocahontas was a real person (wouldn't want to wind up like she did though---knew this because I liked to read). Mulan was the best, but let's face it, I'd make a crap Mulan.

But there were two 'Princesses' in fiction I really loved. One was Eowyn, from Lord of the Rings. And again, like Mulan, and again, like Arya Stark (I read Game of Thrones before it was tv or famous), I'd probably never be able to live up to these brave strong girls. Physical presence mostly to win the day? Not me.

As already mentioned, people expect me to be Belle or Cinderella, or 'Penny' or something.
The second fictional 'Princess' that I loved?: Princess Leia.

Let me tell you why she was the best.
She was small, feminine, dressed feminine even, but even that, she was still strong. She could shoot, and she could use words, and resist torture, and believe, and hope, and not give up. It was okay that she needed to be rescued sometimes, because she didn't wind up there needing help by being pathetic. She could have taken an easier path, but gave it up to fight for the right thing.
She could also rock a crap-load of braids.
And rolled her eyes. A lot.

Some girls be like, "I'm like Cinderella because my hair is blonde." I'm like, yeah, I roll my eyes.

...She made people want to be better themselves. And all that, and she could still cut a guy who thinks he's all that to the quick. And she was so compassionate, which I'd love to be myself.

Like, I don't know, her adoptive parents just died, her entire planet was blown up, and she's like, comforting some kid whose sad about the death of some guy whose real name he didn't even know the day before.
She didn't give up. And when in command, was always the last to leave the deck.
Disney officially bought out the Star Wars franchise so Princess Leia is my favourite Disney Princess, now.
And Carrie Fisher was an incredibly intelligent woman who totally knew what kind of person she was portraying and what that 'Princess' meant to other women. Like, if you watch the 'Star Wars New Hope' film, in the award scene at the end you'll notice that Chewbacca didn't get a medal? At the MTV awards she gave Chewbacca the medal with the theme song playing.

 She was also, apparently, ridiculously funny.

And understands what sexism and modesty in clothes actually means. For Muslim women, being told what to wear by Western culture, and Arab/Desi cultures? This understanding is important. When asked about the horrible slave-girl costume?
 Carrie Fisher's reply:

And being criticized for no longer keeping the Princess Leia slave-girl costume physique? Fisher is quoted:
She also rather famously spoke out about being bipolar. Having close family with severe bipolar disorder, I can relate to her quotes: "Some women play hard to get, I play hard to understand" and "I told my doctor I felt normal on acid and was a light bulb in a world of moths." Since she was a mother who took the meds so she could be a mother to her kids, I admire her for that. A lot.

So yeah.
If she did have an azza, I'd think about going.

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