Sunday, December 18, 2016

How expatriate Canadians living in Islamic Countries, wanting to divorce a non-Canadian or expatriate Canadian spouse, can get a civil divorce without residing in Canada

Expatriate Canadians living in countries where Islamic marriages are recognized but civil ones are not, attempting to get a civil divorce back in Canada when your civil spouse is a non-Canadian and neither of you are able to live in any given province of Canada for the time required to file for a civil law divorce---there is hope. Divorce by-lawyer is possible in these exact circumstances (even though every legal expert I knew was confused over it) about the same way same-sex couples are allowed to divorce without residing in province. Weird right? But I am okay with it, because now I am free!

I highly suggest this woman, Bea, (and she is my ex husband's lawyer!) [ copy link: ]. Very professional, follows up, and can advise your lawyer on the process if you married in any other province of Canada besides British Columbia. It cost around 2,500 dollars I think, with affidavits and all. I had to get my marriage certificate and the divorce papers notarized by the Canadian consulate and each document was 10 rials each. Note, this process takes time because they send everything to Riyadh first in Muscat, so unless you are in KSA, takes a couple months.

I am no longer the woman "with two husbands!", Alhamdulilah for that.

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