Thursday, November 17, 2016

THE HOUSE: Used Light for the Dressing Room cost only 3 omr

Alot of the lighting in my house became a DIY project of one or another, because I ran out of a budget for lighting early on, because of far too many construction phase mistakes and delays. The dressing room pendant pictured above, was one such project.

I took to scouring used stores, OLX, and Dar al atta's charity shop in Ruwi. This pendant cost me a total of 3 omr (2 pcs for 1.5 omr each), and it had an antique look about it that was perfect for the space.

I found two pendants at Ruwi's Dar al atta charity shop. They werere covered in dust, and had paint on the glass and brass frame of each, so I chose the one with the least ammount of paint on it and dusted and removed the paint (I removed it with nail polish remover pads). Also, both were missing crystals, so without tools and by hand, I simply removed and re-strung the crystals from both. That, on only one, after counting what pattern I could make with the number of crystals I had from the both of them.

I added extra an drip of crystals down from the top, where some brass decorative flowers had been, and I very carefully screwed the bass flowers with the bolts that replaced the glass in the brass frame, effectively covering the bolts, and making it more period in style. I've kept the glass from the other I took the flowers and crystal from, as a back up, in case this one ever breaks.
In the end, it suited the space perfectly and I like that it didn't just come out of a store, has a bit of history, and is unique to the house.

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