Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Difference Between (Most) Omani Girls, and Canadian Muslim Girls I know is... and my experiences with dangerous animals in Oman

The difference between [most] Omani girls and [most] Canadian Muslim convert girls I know is, beyond often world experience, and a "who cares what other people think" attitude, dangerous experiences don't change how we still want to live our lives and explore this planet, without needing or wanting to have a body-guard with us all the time.

Omani girlfriends be like: But after all that has happened to you...

[They mean, escaping a group molestation on a moving taxi bus while going to work, being groped by a taxi driver when trying to go to City Center Mall, to almost being abducted by an ROP officer as he tried to drive me down through an abandoned farm field after coming home from Lulu and the Mosque]

Omani girlfriends cont'd: ...aren't you afraid to, like, go places alone?

And of course, I'm like...

"I'm a West Coast Rain forest girl from the middle of nowhere. I'd hike in the forest alone all the time, and I'd see wolves, and cougars, and bears. I just carry a knife, and I hope."

And to be honest with you, my Canadian girlfriends from like, the most 'gangsta' place in the city of Toronto are kind of the same, only they got pepper spray (or oven spray;) ) and tasers.

I can honestly say, I once narrowly escaped an angry black bear. I stood down three wolves. I have a cousin who faced down a mountain lion while doing his landscaping. I mean, we're a people who encounter bears when we take our trash, not bin cats. I'm not going to let another human being who acts worse than an animal be scarier than any of that, to me.

So, Omani men (minority of them BTW, most are better than others in the GCC) have to be the most dangerous animal I have seen thus far in Oman, since 1995.

Have I ever been bitten by a snake here? No.

Have I ever been bitten by a scorpion or seen a live one? No---but they do seem to like to crawl between the glass of the sliding glass door to die.

Poisonous spider? Nope, not a one.

And Omani wolves are not scary. They are, like, seriously, so thin they're see-through.

I've never seen a Dhofari leopard, but then, how many Dhofaris have?

So in Oman, beyond the male Omani population, I have to conclude that the most dangerous animal in Oman to me, as a woman, is the kitchen cockroach, because it is disgusting.

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Nadia said...

Very funny! Masha Allah, I love your personality :) I am an American Muslimah, by the way alhamdulillah