Saturday, November 5, 2016

Prince Charles in Misfah al Abriyeen today, and sadly, no sword dance for the Duchess of Cornwall

I wonder if they are telling Prince Charles about the Falaj or the village swimming pool?
Guess I was right about the weekend events;) :[ ]. Prince Charles visited Misfah Al Abriyeen, although I was wrong about the al Azwah. The preformance was from Al Hamra (death in the village of Misfah Al Abriyeen so no Misfah/Al Abri Azwah).
The (Oman's) government must hand out those flags, because I am absolutely certain the Al Hamra and Nizwa bookshops do not stock them, and that Omani mothers of Misfah did not make them with their home desktop and printers;)

Of course, and I did predict it, as Prince Harry's playing with swords in Bahla was such an awesome success, that Prince Charles had to do a sword dance as well, but he didn't do so in the Interior, he did so in Muscat this morning.

Alas, the Duchess of Cornwall obviously does not read our blog.

...Because I all but begged her (for the sake of little Omani girls everywhere who dream of winning rather useless sword dancing competitions[okay, expat women married to Omanis with an English ancestry who dream of such]) to pick up a sword and whack a shield.
photo from the UK Daily Mail
Sadly (for me), the Duchess of Cornwall was photographed carrying a parasol. Which I am already allowed to do;(((((.

...While it is considered pretty pedantic to carry a parasol if one is a white (non-Royal) expat woman in Oman...or eccentric, if you are an Omani woman...this is of no use to me whatsoever as I am already allowed to be pedantic and eccentric. ...And I have a couple parasols. I am pedantic and eccentric.
Photo from the UK Daily Mail
Sigh. Now I have no excuse whatsoever to say to my Omani husband,
"see, sword fighting {or dancing} is part of my culture. It is perfectly proper for a woman to whack a man on a shield with her sword!"
Sadly, all my hopes for the Royal Visit were dashed;).

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