Saturday, November 5, 2016

HOUSE UPDATE: The Living Room thus far

We moved into our house a while back. We ran out of money for decorating it, even further back than that, mainly because we have to sue our contractor in court to get it finished, and thus, ended up spending decorating and appliances money, on electricians and plumbers. The tiling is bad, the wiring is bad, and there's a lot still to do. But here's the first of two rooms to show my readers that I am okay with, even they are unfinished.
The living room needs sheers on the curtains, a carpet, more gyps below the chair railing and on the fireplace surround, plus we really do need to hang our art collection. Alas, I didn't finish the oils I have on the go, and the drill was lost for the longest time.
Also, the room as shown isn't really "styled". It is almost free of kids toys though, and when you have 3 under 5, and a full-time job, and no housemaid etc... that's "styled" lol. So what isn't left to fix?
I love that my curtain tie-backs match my chandeliers. I love the colour of the yellow paint and the light in the morning. I rather like my matching mirrors on either side of the fireplace. I love how comfortable the Lincoln-green coloured tufted chesterfield sofas are. I also love that they can only fit five people at a time, because I really can't handle guests more than that at one time... 
I love the tray under the coffee table to store my books. I like that I found a place for the French console table at the door, since I had that peice before;). I also like the look of the console behind the couch, with the bottom to store books and such... And really, I had intended to put a basket or tray of magazines under there, flanked by potted plants...but my two-year-old rips up both, and so I have to come up with something different eventually.
It is a room that needs a carpet, and art for sure, and although it is a very small room as far as living rooms go in Oman, it is kind of like the apartment living room I always envisioned back in Victoria, given what I've had to work with. My Omani husband wanted cosy European, and I hope I managed on our budget, given I'd wanted to try Arabic-style so badly!

The stuff, from where:
Chandeliers: my own supplier, China
Curtain tie backs: Red tag
Sofa 3+2 seater: Pan Emirates
Console with mirror: my own, antique
Coffee table + end tables: Pan Emirates
Fireplace: Pan Emirates + DIY paint job
Curtains: from a Rustaq upholstery shop (I can give their address if you are really interested) {these cost me 50 omr}
Mirrors: Pan Emirates
Baskets: Pan Emirates
Picture Frames, assorted: Zara Home, Antique, and Pan Emirates
Vase: Ramez
Console: Pan Emirates
Doors: my own supplier, China
Windows: my own supplier, China
Door hardware (not pictured): Home depot, Schlage
Gyps: wouldn't recommend my guy---I fired him eventually
Paint: Jotun {will check the chip and put the code for it here next post inshaAllah}
Birchwood bundle: Dan Hypermarket in Al Khoud {because people keep asking me}

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Congratulations! Looks beautiful!