Thursday, November 10, 2016

Historical Masjids/Mosque Architecture of Oman in Photographs---of photographs

All of the following photos are from a book entitled "Islamic Art of Oman"----which I never did find a copy-for-purchase of.
Nonetheless, the section about old Masjids in Oman, was worth badly photographing the reference copy for. Alas, my camera's battery was dying, and I'd come to the Omani Cultural Center building for something other than art and architecture, so the photos and my own absorbed knowledge from the book, span a period of exactly five minutes, and is thus, very, very bad.
Since I haven't seen a lot online about historical mosques of Oman (beyond scouring French and German archeological research), I will post what I have anyways, until I have time to better read the book, and visit surviving sites for my own photographs, inshaallah. Enjoy:
Bahla Great Mosque, Arcade
Bahla Great Mosque, Mihrab with Minbar
Bahla Great Mosque, remains of Minaret
Bahla Great Mosque?, ablution/wudu area

Bahla Mosque, extra muroos next to wadi

Bahla Al Haddad Mosque
Nizwa al Sal Great Mosque, veiw from the North
Nizwa Sal, Interior

Nizwa al Sal, quibla wall

Nizwa al Sal Moque, detail of the quibla wall decoration, dated 650 Hijri/1250 AD
Nizwa Al Aqr Mosque
Nizwa al Shariqa Mosque, veiw from the South East
Nizwa al Shariqa Mosque, detail of Mihrab
Sumail, Al Sarooj mosque
Adam, Al Alayya, vaulted ceiling of the prayer hall
Ibra, Al Sufalla Great Mosque, Interior
Manal Mosque, veiw from the North
Muslimat Great Mosque, veiw from the North East
Muslimat Great Mosque, Interior
Muslimat Great Mosque Mihrab
Muslimat Great Mosque Corner Ladder
Zafar, Al Bilad, mosque ruins
Zafar, al Bilad, remnants of a minaret
Zafar, Al Bilad, remains of the minhab
Zafar, al Bilad, the remains of a small mosque
Zafar, al Bilad, detail of the Mosque ruins

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