Monday, October 31, 2016


Since people who can’t read often get mad at our blog and rage “you’re not a real Omani princess!”

...I thought it would be interesting to interview a couple “real” Omani princesses, and any other GCC royal that we are accidently connected to through our real , not on-screen lives. This is the second ointerview of the series.
OPNO: So, do you read the “How to live like an Omani Princess blog”? {Again, highly important question, right}.

HER HIGHNESS #1: No, but my Uncle does.
OPNO: How do you like to be addressed? I mean beyond correctly, the your Majesty/Highness mix-up of old-fashioned ettiquette aside...How do you prefer to be addressed? Do you like people to use "Your Highness" or your given name?
HER HIGHNESS #1: My name.
OPNO: Which brings us to, 'what does being a member of a ruling “royal Arabian”family in your given country in this modern age, mean to you?'

HER HIGHNESS #1: I find it is not so much as 'being from the family', but being my father's daughter, my Uncle's neice. I want them to be proud of me.
...And I want to deserve the respect I am given. I think that means one must educate one's self. One must serve their country. That means findings a role you are qualified and talented to preform, not simply having a role that someone else could fulfill more expertly...And whatever you lack in natural raw talent or ability to learn, make up for it with passion, and by surrounding yourself with people who question, people who learn.

OPNO: Are there any goals for your family and country that you personally would like to act towards?
HER HIGHNESS #1:  I want everyone who wants to learn to have the oppurtunity to learn. And I want the chance to learn, to go to those who have earned it through effort and talent and passion. And I want my country to be known as a place where people care about bettering themselves and contributing to the world, not just the economy of [insert country name].
OPNO: Does being an {insert royal family name} go towards aiding you in achieving those goals whatsoever?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Yes, but it also inhibits.
OPNO: Would you like to be a Minister one day?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Yes, maybe, one day, but when I am older, my children are older. It is a lot of responsibility, and I saw first hand what a sacrifice public service can be, especially in terms of family.

OPNO: Is there anything you find or believe you can’t or shouldn’t do, that other {insert nationality} people of your country do?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Be seen helping anyone beyond my job description, even with a good intention. Or get involved in anything tribal.

OPNO: Do you think the oil boom has led people in your country to become lazy and expecting of hand-outs from the government?

HER HIGHNESS #1: I think our education system has led to this, and the lack of appropriate performance measures in the public sector in general. As you know, I'd love to be able to fire people, and we just don't have the laws for that at times.
OPNO: You don’t have to answer, but what do you think the role of the media should be in {insert name of country} towards making it a greater country?
HER HIGHNESS #1: I think media is already global. You can't control media in the world, not truly, so I don't believe government censorship will truly remain an important issue as big data evolves. Even what is illegal here, or blocked, you read it don't you? You can even write it, outside address, but you can.

..I think it will be like in any country. Something we will one day look back at and wince a little. Like the Hollywood blacklistings, and such.

OPNO: Okay, onto lighter questions. What do you drive?

HER HIGHNESS #1: A Porsche cayenne. In my favourite colour. I have kids. I drive them to school myself.  

OPNO: What is your marital status?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Divorced.

OPNO: Was it an arranged marriage?

HER HIGHNESS #1: My family doesn't believe in arranged marriages.

OPNO: If male, what is your inclination towards taking multiple wives? If female, have you or would you ever, contemplate being involved in a marriage with a man willing to take on or wanting more than one wife?

HER HIGHNESS #1: I wouldn't be okay with my husband taking another wife. Maybe I'm a bad Muslim, but it isn't for me.

OPNO: Do you work?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Yes. Since before I graduated even.

OPNO: Do you have twitter, facebook, snap chat, etc.?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Only private accounts but of course.

OPNO: If you could trade places with a royal person from any other family, living or dead, who would it be?

HER HIGHNESS #1: Queen Victoria. I adore her.
OPNO: How many languages do you speak fluently?
OPNO: Do other people annoy you about being from such-and-such family? I mean, do you actually like opening yoghurt stores, and Opera galleries and the like?

HER HIGHNESS #1: I like that they trust me with scissors.

OPNO: Does anything about being an {insert family name} annoy you?
HER HIGHNESS #1: I have to have a body guard in-country and I don't enjoy that aspect of my life, so I love to travel.

...And bad bukhoor! ...If people know I am coming they do the whole bukhoor-chocolates-flowers thing? I am actually allergic to a lot of perfumes, and flower pollen {laughs} and usully dieting so chocolates and candy and treats is really actually quite mean.
OPNO: What do you think is the worst habit or trait that you possess, that people let you get away with, just because you are an {insert family name}?
HER HIGHNESS #1: People tend to take me quite literally. Not my worst habit, but it has caused the worst disasters.
{...Like when she quite famously commented on an eternally absent co-worker's office being a waste of space, and she came back after her leave to find that the space had been converted into cubicles lol}.

OPNO: Okay, last question. What is something we don't know about you but should?

HER HIGHNESS #1: My name is not an Arabic name but, like you convert/revert girls, everyone seems to convert it to Arabic somehow, or assume it is an Arabic name, and they mispronounce it.

OPNO: Last, last question. What do you think we should blog about? I mean, what would you want to read our blog for?
HER HIGHNESS #1: Omani culture. Sometimes, because of where you girls are married from in Oman, you're more old-school Arab than I am, and I find that fascinating, juxtaposed with the insights of you three girls, comparing Omani culture with English, American and Canadian lifestyles. I think you provide accessability to places not easily accessed even by other Omanis.

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