Sunday, October 16, 2016

SABLA STORIES: Practical Joksters

As everyone knows, there was a time when many Omanis went abroad to work. So I heard this story about one of the meanest practical jokes ever:

A group of Omani men were working in KSA (Saudi Arabia) and of the group, most had just come back from a holiday in their village back in Oman. I guess one of the men stayed behind. Maybe he was cheap, maybe I don't know, but for whatever the reason, his friends decided it would be hilarious to tell him his father had died back in Oman.

So, he goes back to Oman right, for the funeral, but when he reaches his village he finds that his father is alive. Alhamdulilah right, but he is like, fuming at his stupid friends, for both the trip, and the emotional turmoil of thinking his father is dead.

So... he gets his revenge.

Returning to Saudi, he sits with them to have qhawa, and they are all like ha ha, congratulating themselves for being so clever. He just sits there all quietly. When they're done, he tells them they'd better pack and head to Oman. And to be quick about it.

He told  them that back in their village, he had told their wives that they had died in Saudi.

So he's sitting there all smug now, reminding them to hurry or their wives' mourning period could end, and their wives might end up remarried before they make it home.

Meanest prank... ever.

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