Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reasons Why I love my Omani Husband: He TELLS people I am not his servant

A kuma, in case you didn't know;)
Reasons I love my husband No. I have no idea, but simply had to blog this:

Omani Husband's Omani workmate (has only one wife): How can you have two wives, and still, come to work with your clothes not ironed?

My Husband (Omani male with two wives): My wives aren't servants.
Omani Husband's Omani workmate: ... {doesn't understand of course}.

This has happened before. People ask him how he can have two wives, and still no one to handwash his kuma for him. Those guys, really need to learn about how the original muslim men acted, in terms of expectations upon women's duties towards them.

Now of course, Westerner that I am, who was raised to believe household duties should be shared for the most part, and Muslimah that I am, with education enough to know that, Islamically, I am actually required to do even less in the house than I was raised to do, I do not hold a husband in high regard simply for ironing his own clothes. But I do admire the one who is brave enough to tell other men, proudly, that he does, despite their ignorance.



Bemused said...

I actually don't know anyone who irons - we all send everything to the laundry.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Bemused: I know a lot of housemaids who iron;) but not too many Omani wives who do. But maybe the guy meant, can't one of your wives pick up your cleaning;p?

I send all our blankets to the laundry. But clothes never. They always ruin something somehow. I'd rather have wrinkles by my own neglect, than other damage, from someone else's care.

Do you really send all of your clothes to the cleaners? I understand dishdashas (I've tried ironing them and hate the chore of it so really paying the cleaners to IS easier) but like, t-shirts?

I rarely iron a t-shirt;). A man is much more adorable in a rumpled t-shirt than someone fussy (who thinks women have no better way to pass their time than to iron or to instruct housemaids in the art of ironing).

bemused said...

I send heavy stuff like bed covers for cleaning.

Everything else goes in the washing machine and, when dried, goes on the shelves or off to the laundry for ironing.

Top layers go to the laundry - everything else goes on the shelves.

In my home country, I only buy stuff that doesn't need ironed.

Ironing is something I detest so avoid.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I've always enjoyed ironing my own clothes;) never anyone else's however.

Who in the world thought kids clothes that have to be ironed was a good idea???? ...So I let my kids look like homeless people or refugees unless my husband irons their stuff or it is super photographed special occasion and I feel I must.

Bemused said...

My son, from age 5, washed his own clothes. He loved using the washing machine.

He hung his clothes to dry and put them away.

As an adult, he follows the 'don't buy if it needs ironed' criteria