Monday, October 31, 2016

DAILY DIARY AND CURRENT EVENTS: this weekend, Omani Culture in Nizwa, Misfah al Abriyeen, and probably other Interior villages as well

Just a heads up...There are going to be a lot of cultural events going on in the Interior/Al Dhakliyah region this weekend. Probably, and I am just speculating, but it has to do with a few royal tourists. Maybe Prince Charles wants to try at the Omani sword and sheild game like his son, Prince Harry, did during his last visit to Bahla? Or Her Grace?;). That'd be better.

All I know is on Saturday there's some events in Nizwa, and Misfah Al Abriyeen, like the al Azwah drums, songs, and swords, and I've seen Eid in Misfah before, it's pretty much as Interior Omani as you can get, so you might want to try your luck and see what's to be seen.

Watch out for weird traffic however. If anyone important Omani is travelling, they shut down roads sometimes.

By the way. I heard there is actually going to be an unofficial Interior Region sword fighting/dancing competition? In Bahla or Al Hamra. ...I wish Omani girls could compete:( (husband looks at me like I am a lunatic) but since I can't the next best thing is to try to force my husband to enter and take pictures right? If I can get the venue and the date and ask the guys to arrange a spectator area, I'll post that info for y'all. I love these things! (I love swords in general).

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