Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Inlaid Furniture fits both Arabian and European Decor, and I want a bookcase jib door! but heaven knows what for...

Now my bedroom is drastically more feminine than Shane Smith's (as featured in the re-blog on Habitually Chic®) but his gives me inspiration for what I'd really love to do for my husband's dressing room (let's face it, I stole the entire wardrobe so I owe him a dresser). Since Arabian design I have not been allowed, I'd still love some pieces that would travel if we ever moved (and we will one day, I am sure). So something inlaid would be wonderful wouldn't it? Of course, the dressing area for my husband also has to double as a reading nook for me.... currently it is a store... for a sliding glass door we thought we had lost and thus never installed, regrettably, nicer than any found in Oman... do any of my readers NEED a sliding glass door? lol.
 I also love the tile in Shane Smith's yard...
...And coolest thing ever... he has a bookcase door. I have so always wanted one of those. I lived in an old Tudor house once and tried to convince my father that we needed a jib door disguised as a bookcase...

...Sadly, he did not think it the most integral feature for flipping the house.

...Of course, I also have no reason for a hidden bookcase door... and since I am muslim the last thing I'd hide with it would be a bar... but Shane Smith also has a hidden staircase there (not photographed)... and I've also always wanted one of those;).

Some inlaid dressers I love....

...And put into a non-arabian decor setting:
 All above pics from decorpad.com, and pic below, from http://ndotinteriors.blogspot.com/ .

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