Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blogging from a new address

In case anyone happens to fancy a blog that I am posting on (more than this one) that is currently in no way related to Oman (but in future it will be), please check out...

...which is thus far, a look at my background and inspirations concerning Interior Design and Architecture, pre-Oman.
Tonight I am supposed to present my "Dreams for Plans" manifesto, and convince investors to partner me in launching my own home and lifestyle collection, based on GCC and Omani Heritage and Culture, that, but grounded in my more formal English/Colonial design background. I will work on building that blog (or bridging it into another more polished and more aptly named website in the future---where I will actually research and edit posts before they are posted;) ) on Middle Eastern and GCC related interior design and architecture.
It isn't polished, it isn't fancy, it isn't proof-read or thought out, but it is eye-candy, and will one day, inshaAllah, I hope, be something more substantial, based on friends and other bloggers I admire in the world of Interiors set, and their example contexts other than the Middle East.
This will probably be my adieu from the Omani Princess blog for the most part, but we have one other blogger left, to leave you entertained, whenever she schedules the time to actually blog.
All my best,
-this OPNO

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