Saturday, September 24, 2016

History of Boats, Copper, Pottery, and Warfare in Oman, and Book Reviews ...InshaAllah

mutrah by Alan Villiers
There are a lot of posts in draft for our blog right now. Several book reviews, and historical posts on boat building and warfare in Oman, as well as a bit on Islamic art in the way of Omani pottery and copper crafts, and architecture in the way of wood types in the region.

...Because of the book reviews, we should probably write a series of  "Arabian explorers" posts to do with Oman... but haven't;).

Also, there are some interviews I personally meant to get on doing, like "what it means to be royal in Arabia" and in response to Thesiger's thoughts:

"I went to southern Arabia only just in time. Others will go there to study geology and archaeology...even to study the Arabs themselves, but they will move about in cars and will keep in touch with the outside world by wireless. They will bring back results far more interesting than mine, but they will never know the spirit of the land nor the greatness of the Arabs."

...Interviews with a few anthropologists who came to study Omani culture these days, if they'll still have me run my questions. I also meant to highlight research in Oman (Cancer research, inventions, archeological discoveries, etc...), and the latest abaya trends, but I never have time it seems. Or I'd rather post eye-candy. Apologies.
Omani Dhow in mombassa by Alan Villiers

Photos in this post by Alan Villiers, taken from the website of the Royal Greenwich museum

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