Saturday, September 24, 2016

24 hours with...OPNO

I had a goal to be more organized with my time this year. ...And to take better care of my health. ...And to spend more time with my kids. 

...and I've failed. 
So many things to do and still no washing machine, housemaid or nanny...I want to keep it that way but my husband is trying to convince me that I won't manage my personal and career aspirations if I don't. ***I am opposed to having any household employees, but not terribly adverse to modern appliances;). However, I am waiting for a used washing machine in the make and brand I adore to go up on Dubizzle--- because I am cheap***

I had previously been content with failing and being stressed and frazzled because I had learnt to accept my limitations, however, to spell one's time and hours into a list of what is to be done and how to do it, and possibilities do open up. .

..Afterall, as lame memos on makeup instagram accounts do serve: "You have just as many hours in your day as Beyonce". Which means, if you wanna get it all done, be a boss babe and just do it.

...However, Beyonce, being Texan and all, and pretty darn rich, has a staff, and only one kid if memory serves. She hardly has a normal career 9-5, and thus, that quote makes me role my eyes as far back in my head as I do when I hear someone say to me "you can learn anything or be good at anything if you want to do to so bad enough".

That simply isn't true. While remaining a lovely sentiment as a premise, realistic applications of that philosophy render up no methodology for successfully applying the hypothesis of "you can make your life as full and successful as, say Beyonce, if only you work for it". Women are already pressured enough on the home and career fronts without adding a bombardment of that kind of false-positive (excuse my langauge) naive BS.

However, I happen to enjoy reading the "24 hrs" posts in Harper's Bazaar Arabia fashion magazines{probably the only article in them I usually do find worth reading;} nonetheless, and realized that I have quite a lot in common with Victoria Beckham {excluding her wardrobe, figure, celebrity persona, income, and football of course!;) }. She was quoted therein: "Tom Ford takes 3 baths a day? How nice for him! But he doesn't have 3 kids."  I found reading, her schedule was a lot like mine, only she gets more done, probably because she doesn't have to fit cleaning and cooking into her schedule anywhere. So I decided to make a "day in the life of OPNO" rendering, using V. Beckham's day as a guide for mine, and fit all that annoying cooking and cleaning in there somewhere.

This is what I came up withh...

Fajr: Pray
5:30 am: Wake up. If it is a weekday, get dressed. If it is a weekend, eat breakfast.
6:00 am: If it is a weekday, start getting the kids ready and make the beds. If it is a weekend, catch up on news, pinterest, and my own writing/or painting.
6:30 am: If it is a weekday, leave the house if it is a go to work day, and take the kids to schools/daycare. If it is a weekend, continue to enjoy sleeping children and husband, and follow 6:00 am schedule blissfully. If it is a work at home day, make the beds.
7:30 am: If it is a weekday office day, arrive at work, check email, phone people for the day's schedule, and eat breakfast {*prepared the night before}---steal boss's coffee. Do research, drafting, editing, writing as required, or attend meetings/interviews and/or make site visits. If it is a weekday stay at home to work day, eat breakfast, do dishes, and sweep kitchen and living room floors. If it is a weekend make breakfast and do dishes and ask husband to do the sweeping.
8:00 am: If it is a weekend, get the kids dressed, and get self dressed. If it is a work day or a work at home day update this blog with pre-prepared posts or continue with set tasks list, and if it is a work at home day, reply to work related emails and turn phone off from its silent setting.
8:30 am: If it is a weekend, make all the beds, and sweep all the floors. Ask kids to help with dusting and tidying chores. Remind husband he has time use goals as well, and he should a. pick up a paintbrush and mix his watercolours, b. work on the garden, or c. fix stuff around the house rather than reading chat threads or playing games on his mobile phone. If it is a work at the office day, I am already working on what I am supposed to be doing. If it is a work at home day, avoid the internet as much as possible and read and write or draft/design whatever I stayed home to get done.
9:00 am: If it is a weekend, if chores are done, play with the kids for an hour. Working at the office or at home continue working;).
10:00 am: If it is a weekend, go out if that is what is planned. If staying home is planned, do laundry. If working at home take a break to sweep or do laundry while drinking coffee or tea {tea is better for you!).
10:40 am: Continue with previous unless working at home...working at home means get back to work!
11:00 am: If it is a weekend and staying at home teach kids something for a half hour or so.
11:30 am: If it is a weekend and  staying home spend time with my husband or do something that I enjoy for 30 minutes to an hour or so.
12:00 pm: Pray Dhur somewhere between here and 1pm usually. If it is a weekend, make and eat lunch. If it is a work day, eat something---anything---at desk or site.
1:00 pm: If working at home and finished work, do laundry and tidy or mop, and start to make lunch.
2:00 pm: If working, make the work task list for the next day of work. Check emails and phone and reply to all before finishing up.
2:30 pm: If a work day, pick up kids. If a weekend, nap, or better, have a bath then work on one's own writing and painting or hang out with husband if he is not going to sleep.
3:00 pm: If it is a work day, eat lunch and then nap or bathe and then do what I would do if it was the same time of day on a weekend and I wasn't tired enough to sleep.
4:30 pm: Pray Asr. Wake everybody up, make beds, and get everybody, including self, dressed.
5:00-5:30ish pm: Go out or stay home. If staying home have guests over or visit, or relax as a family.
7:00-7:30ish pm: Come home and make and eat dinner.
8:00pm: do dishes (ask husband to help), and get kids bathed, into pajamas, and teeth brushed.
8:40 pm: Workday evening, read kids a bedtime story and put them to bed. Weekend, play with them until 9pm. Pray Isha.
9:00pm: Weekend, put kids to bed. Workday, hang out with husband or do anything on the personal aspirations list of to-do.
10:00pm: Workday evening, go to bed.
11:00pm-1am-ish: Weekend, go to bed.

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