Wednesday, August 31, 2016

HOUSE UPDATE: Electricity, Wasta, and the City Planning Fiasco

So I moved into our new home before we had government electricity. That was an adventure.

We passed the Baladiyia/muscat municipality test for having proper wiring so why did we not have gov. electricity, you might wonder?

Well, after finishing up with the Baladiyia we went over to muscat electricty...where they told us there is no room on our street's (or connecting streets) electricity poles and power sheds... as the neighborhood is currently over-developed for what they expected. We need not fear however... we just had to apply for a new pole and box or power shed (according to an engineer's recomendation).

This is because, obviously, there is no courdination between the housing ministry and the electricity and baladiyia. Why on earth a land can be divided for development without roads, sidewalk, water, and electricity being taken into consideration, I have no idea. City planning isn't overly successful in Oman. It is one of the few things I envy UAE for....

Anyways... so yeah, we are told, asking for a new pole/or shed takes four months (IF) we let muscat electricity do the back and forth bureaucracy of running between all the required ministries to get the paperwork done to allow said pole/power shed. We could however, do it ourselves and get it passed in two weeks.

Everything in construction in oman is "two weeks" inshaallah, so, we thought, another month maybe. Late as we were (and I couldn't pay two rents on maternity leave, so there I was moving and cleaning all super duper pregnant) we got a generator that could only power a fridge, and two acs, and some lights, and moved. We of course, got to see, all the stuff our contractor screwed up (that's a post for another day).

So we got all the paperwork done and got permission for a power shed (awesome, since this hook up would cost less than any neighboring poles----which in total ran over 1000 rial for cable and installation and cost to muscat elecricity). However.... there was one catch. The engineering company that does the final approval? Their contract with muscat electricity had just ended. So we were waiting now for the new contract to be assigned. That would take.... six months maybe!!!!!

Omigosh I was so mad.

So we went again to muscat electricity to ask another engineer to approve our wiring for hook up. This engineer said there was space on the neighboring pole.

End of story, we are now hooked up. It was not that hard (-1000 omr of course). However, apparently one of my neighbors is a wannabe real estate developer and has some wasta over at the electricity place, and our first engineer was helping him out by having us apply for the power shed since our land needs to give permission or something? Anyways... So that's how we got off generator power.

We still do not have working light everywhere;) but we'll get that done in two weeks.... inshaAllah;).


Anonymous said...

You have to pay your own rent? Exhibit A: Why polygyny is a stupid move.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Exhibit A?: I don't have to... I choose to. And my husband was paying it when I couldn't afford to;). I don't like to depend on any human being. I like to be a totally financially independent woman. That's how my father (not a Muslim) raised me. I don't want any one to ever be able to stop one day and say, "I gave you this" or "I did that for you". I don't want to be one of those women suddenly in hard straights one day because my husband died you know? I want to own my own house and to have paid for it. I don't want someone to have bought it for me. And my co-wife, she is the same, although I think she will choose to stop working, since she just bought (with my husband) two houses. She'll work probably, but not full-time.

I want my husband, I don't know, take me out to restaurants, pay for plane tickets, buy me gifts. Buy my kids stuff. Have money if I am broke because I am sick and can't do what I normally do. I tried the whole housewife thing "he pays for everything" thing for one year. I hated it. Seriously. It is weird to me to ask another person for money because I want to buy something even they will say yes. And I got sooooooooooooooo bored.

****one thing, I could stay home, if my husband was super rich or something, because then I could afford to do a tons of stuff I was used to doing before I got married. But even if I was the only wife, he'd have to be pretty wealthy for me to do this (and I turned down wealthy one-wife -only guys who could do this for me btw because my husband is more my kind of man). My standards for myself and my kids are little different than what my husband's are, since he grew up in vastly different economic circumstances than I did. He was a mud house, with a widowed-young mother kid. I wasn't. I was that kid that got the pony when she asked for it for Christmas.****

But I do hate poly guys who FORCE THEIR WIVES TO WORK, or like, make them stay home but take their government welfare or support payments. Gross. And those type of men are losers. Seriously. Whether they have one wife or 4 or more;).

I think my husband would love for me to stay home. He asks me to sometimes. I just can't handle it. Not for me personally.

Anonymous said...

I like how this blog has maybe 2% to do with polygyny and 98% to do with other things, but still other people's romantic lives are indeed the most obsessive for the lowest common denominator, are they not?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anon Sept5/16_6:36pm: It is annoying when ppl comment (negatively) on totally unrelated posts but it does take some effort to go to the subject post (poly) and comment referencing my rent paying habit I guess;)?

Flattering I guess that romantic lives are interesting---although unmarried life was way more adventure filled i swear;). We are totally normal (for mixed culture) married ppl. Boring, actually, for the most part. We'd only make decent supporting characters if you wanted to cast us in a novel about poly couples. We'd never hold ppl's interest as the main;).

Anonymous said...

Good point! Though I also like how paying your own rent is somehow a detriment/undesirable state? As though being independent is such a bummer. Poor woman, paying her own way and all. Hahaha. Islam actually is one of the first religions that actually took a clear interest in proctecting women's financial independence. Even the Prophet lived off of his wife! For crying out loud, do some research.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

September 6, 2016 at 8:54 AM anon: i guess the first anon is worried I was forced to work? that husband doesn't help his wife... I dunno...