Wednesday, June 22, 2016

THE HOUSE: Updates on Lates

So everything in Oman is always late, so of course construction of a house is going to be late... But towards that, our project is now super super late. It is driving my family crazy. Latest crap is that the main wiring for the first floor has to be re-done. Which means, cutting the stone off the facade, also cutting the walls and plaster, and thus doing re-work. We've hated the work from the electrician all along... so I shouldn't be surprised I guess?

The expense for all this should be from the contractor/construction side since it was their electrician, their work. Of course, we are currently fighting them for this. I am not going to pay for the same stuff twice. Of course, fighting takes time...
It is soooooo.... disheartening.
Also, the wall iron (we are installing decorative iron to our front wall) company did make the iron, but have yet to install it and the front entry gates... and they aren't answering their phone... so that means driving out to crappy industrial Mabaila during already busy Ramadan evenings... which sucks.
...and the granite installation in villas 1 & 2 is finally complete... But my kitchen cabinetry supplier came to fix the cupboards so I could sign off and say everything is as it is supposed to be and they don't have responsibility anymore (beyond supplying the correct colour of handles which should be mid this month) but they neglected to check that all the drawers work after the granite fixing... Thus my under oven drawer? Doesn't work. So now I have to schedule a THIRD round visit from them.... so annoying. The fourth, will be for the handles (I ordered cast iron, not antique bronze).

I also need to hire another construction company (because I am sick of ours) to finish the kitchen counter area. Above is basically my kitchen layout with the blank space I did not purchase cabinetry for. I wanted something more European, so I want plastered counters. ...I also have to paint some kitchen shelving for open shelves in my blank wall space areas... and before I do that I have to customize the shelves to have hooks to hang mugs from the bottom shelves, and for the mid-height shelves, install bars for the support brackets, for platters, and for the bottom shelf, also bars, for plate racking to display my dishes...

...Well, my husband's dishes, since he's the one with a thing for blue and white porcelains... not me;). I blame Holland, since that was his first experience with travel;). Not that I can complain. I am a more rustic earthenware/stoneware kind of girl, but I appreciate the artistry of blue and white porcelains.

For those who think open shelving is a lot of work/dusting, I've had it before and found that I love the look, and it kept me super organized. Also, beyond platters and fancy tea sets, and one or two cannisters, everything else on display usually gets used with frequency, so it was surprisingly no work at all to dust.

So the house remains... a story to be continued.

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