Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cute Lanterns for only 1 omr, and everything else that is random

Okay, so this is a crappy little post. I haven't been feeling that great of late and didn't get around to photographing all the Ramadan decorations for the blog I was going to...or Mosque, or food, or anything. There have been however, a lot of great posts by other bloggers.

What I did want to share were these lanterns from Lifestyle stores... they were only 1 omr each and come in blue, red, green, and white. I thought they were a great deal for only 1 omr.

BTW, I ave been trying to update our blog roll. I finally managed to add the "Oman Law Blog" but there are a lot of other great blogs my net just isn't allowing me to save. Trust me, I have been trying to add "Rummy's Scribblings" for years;). Anyways... I also thought it interesting to note that my husband has been thinking to get into blogging (he'll probably write in Arabic however) and he's been asking me if Suburban would be okay if he translated her posts (and edited out the swearing);) http://otheroman.blogspot.com/.  I love her blog and am glad she's back to writing about what we all talk about but never think to post about, and that she does it in such a hilarious, offhanded, and human way, that heavy subjects don't come across as overly contrived or impossible to approach.

I have also been reading a lot of Kuwaiti blogs of late. My gosh that blogging set are HILARIOUS. If we ever think Oman is impossibly ridiculous, then I suggest reading about Kuwait:). I especially loved Desert Girl's post about dating http://desertgirlkuwait.blogspot.com/2016/05/desert-girl-kuwait-dating-update.html (yes, I know, I am a Muslim, and it is Ramadan, I should be haraam humbugging her), and felt like, you know, we do need a "Sex in the City" set in the Gulf. I know we have "Ayb in the City" already, but Desert Girl is just so heartwarmingly American (in the way that Americans are good---says a Canadian) that I am always laughing or near tears with her stories. Also, her Ramadan story "the time I went to the wrong house for iftar" is the most touching Ramadan story I have read this year http://desertgirlkuwait.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-time-i-walked-into-wrong-house.html.

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Anonymous said...

Editing out the swearing in Suburban's posts doesn't quite make it Suburban anymore does it?

Coridally yours

Jet Driver (ooooooh!)