Monday, May 9, 2016

What is it like to work in Oman?: the ugly

Working in Oman is different than working in other countries, that's for sure.

It shouldn't be, but it is.

Paperwork for visas, contracts, salaries, take longer than they should, as a consequence of people not having their job roles clearly defined, nor the procedures for any bureaucratic process clearly defined and known to all using that system or working within it. Same goes for getting any work collaborative effort (such as permissions, finding out about rules and laws, etc.) completed. I just expect everything to be two weeks to a couple months later than it should be and that's how I get by.

Sometimes I don't mind this. C'est la vie, and all, and just relax, but at other times, it drives me mad, makes things more expensive, or makes me repeat work.

People and meetings are annoying. Or even on the phone. We have to ask how everyone is, their families etc, and it just takes so much time. I don't remember people's names. That's the girl who has binder clips. I don't remember how many kids she has, I'm sorry. Down to business directness can be considered rude. I don't mean to insult people but I have a schedule. I need a binder clip, not a new friend. I don't have time for new acquaintances or lunches in people's offices---life is already late and draining my personal time as it is!

No one has voice messaging or an answering machine service, so generally, people don't answer office lines, and personal GSMS give people a lot of excuses as to why you "never managed to get a hold" of them. I personally visit and annoy people to get stuff done. If they make me do this, sometimes I steal their office supplies, to avoid binder clip girl and her office treats and teas, if they make me visit them in person. I consider it revenge for taking my time.

Going to the ROP for the residency card is fun fun fun. It takes way too long. They always screw up. I end up with, like white out and pen over an official stamp and I wonder how on earth that is okay? And this is with a very correct PRO letter, and speaking fluent Omani Arabic.

Finding a job generally means knowing someone. I have made CVs, passed them out, posted for jobs... Never got a good job offer that way. Same with getting a qualified candidate for a job... Am I allowed to hire as I would in my home country? Nope.

Not allowed to hire a qualified and trainable Omani (since we can't fire them). Can't trust general interviewee respondents apparently.  So almost always people hire people I know, or people someone they know knows, despite the fact, they aren't the best for the job most times, and I can say that even beforehand. It makes it awesomely easy when you know the right person, but if you don't.... ugh.

Expats in general don't understand their rights, so a lot of companies do take advantage of them...

What else? That's all the ugly I can think of right now.


Jennifer Gomez said...

Lol..ur funny

Emskie4real said...

Thats definitely correct lol.. Whats more funny is that the one who is sitting and doing nothing has more salary grade than those who works like a carabao hahaha