Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TWO OMANIS IN: Victoria, BC, Canada---Government House, and Beacon Hill Park Gardens

Being a local, government house was only a fifteen minute walk up through Rockland from my home in Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island, Canada, back when I lived there. It has always been one of my favourite free gardens on the island, and in the early summer the rose garden is particularly popular...
...Although my fondest memory of it was of a rainy day in early spring, when a ballerina was practicing for 'Swan Lake' in the covered part of the rose garden, and all the roses were but small sweet smelling buds in the downpour. An artist was trying to paint her. Me...I was cradling a paper mug of hot coffee from a local coffee shop, and trying to shield a stack of old books from the rain in my down vest... The books, I had rescued out of a box that read "free" on someone's front sidestep up Rockland, on the walk up. That's kind of quintessential Victoria to me. Ballerinas, roses, oil paints, old furniture and books given away on front lawns for free, and local coffee.

Of course, the roses ARE in full bloom in early summer...
 I like to walk with my father here. He prefers Beacon Hill and Dallas road, down to the coast about 20-30 minutes walk but I am forever a Spring-Fall-and-Winter in Rocklands girl. For the summer, I like the Uplands, but that'd have to be another post.
Now, on to Beacon Hill park, which is my father's summer favourite out of the Island's free gardens.
 I will admit, as a child, I loved Beacon Hill Park. Mostly because there was a park with slides and swings, and there were ducks to feed. I loved to feed ducks when I was under five.
 However, due to an attack by swans and geese, I have no fondness for those birds:
I also loved to climb trees and feed the field mouse that lived under this tree:
 And what kid didn't love the goats and peacocks and chickens at the park's petting zoo?
My father grew up playing here (he was a James Bay kid) so that's why he loves it.

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Sal Bos said...

Hoping to go whale watching with friend in Victoria this september...