Monday, May 16, 2016

TWO OMANIS IN: Victoria, BC, Canada---Fort Street before Cook Street

If you were to ask me if there is a place I miss the most from my life in the Land-far-and-away before my life in Oman, it would have to Fort Street n Victoria, as odd as a single city street sounds. I could happily spend my whole day on Fort Street. I miss my walk to work in the mornings, seeing the beautiful window displays, smelling the fresh bread from the bakeries. I miss shopping in the specialty delicatessens. I miss lunch breaks in the cafes, and patisseries. I miss coffee on the sidewalk without a jealous Arabian husband who'd prefer I not people-watch as I like to;).
 I miss the smell of the Chestnut trees (lining the road) in the rain.
I miss my friends and their hot (or freezing cold) little teeny tiny apartments, that we often furnished with sidewalk cast-offs from Cook or Rocklands or Uplands. Late night coffee parties. Absurdly fun vintage dress up parties. Their weird taste in music and movies.
I especially miss the auction houses, antique stores and vintage shops, and the cute little boutiques.  I liked how I could find authentic Tudor oak furniture, and posh oil portraits, and Moorcroft pottery, and silver art noveau jewelry boxes, alongside vintage linens, old leather suitcases, and random 50s-90s kitsch. I mean, the eye-candy was incredible. The Russian antique jeweler was always super nice too, letting me try on rings fit for princesses that I could never own;). I bought a lot of vintage hats and purses, and books. I bought a lot of books.
My favourites are Applewood, Charmaine's, Vanity Fair, and Russel Books. I love the basement in Russel books!
 ...As a kid I loved BC Shavers for model car and airplane kits. We built our own kites a lot, and boats.
 As a teen, I loved the art supply store:
And mostly I just liked the walk. Also, good Italian, great goldsmith, and perfect florist shop (next to a famous sushi place, and a Cuban cigar shop---although neither appeal to me personally). I like all the Tudor-esque shop fronts. That's so Victoria.
...And although I could probably blog more... it is getting late here in Oman, so I shouldn't;).


Sal Bos said...

wow,, your pictures make me anxious and excited to go visit Victoria and Vancouver this fall.... We do not have shops like that in Minnesota, but they have wonderful shops similar to these in New Orleans. I could have shopped in them for hours,, or just window shopping.... nice post

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Sal Bos: I love New orleans;) for the same reasons....