Sunday, May 1, 2016

THE HOUSE: Let there be light!

The lighting for villas 1 &a 2 is almost done being installed. Exciting. Check out the above chandelier (would you believe I bought it for only 60 omr?);). Yep. But in China.
 Love the masterbedroom paint colours in both villas. Villa 1 is Jotun's "anonymous" (as pictured above). And villa 2 is "Omani silver" (as pictured below).
Also, the blue by Jotun "Pilaster Blue" in the boys room, seemingly well liked;) [only my dark green is hated thus far lol]:
So back to the lighting:

Wall sconces (9 omr) from Grand Mall home store, and Chandeliers (69 or 62 omr????) (not done installing, from City Center Seeb Homesense). Wall sconces for the stairs in villa 1 from Muscat lighting (2 omr each). Spotlights for halls and ceilings in villa 2 from China, and Lighthouse in Al Hail, Seeb (stair lights only I believe). {None of those pictured}.
 Stair railing is still in progress. Not loving it but oh well.
 My DIY project chandeliers for girl's bedroom. Still hand-painting the bedroom sets with roses....(below is one bedroom set we bought in China, whereas the other I am working on was bought used and is a DIY project;) ).
Oh I was so excited when I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got the window for over my front door.
 The painting on the trims has begun (see before and start of after):
And husband is taking me tree-shopping today.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful house! Congratulations!

Nada Albarwani said...

Im an omani girl too !
really love your blog BTW
u have definitely inspired me :)

Im thinking of starting a blog
how do you find it so far ?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Aonymous: Thank you!

Nada Albarwani: Thanks so much. Oh defiately do. I love blogging (when I have time).

Sal Bos said...

i love the pictures of the house.. it is so lovely... how many boys and girls do you have? You are really clever and decorate nicely.. love the paint colors in both villas..... congratulations on your new beautiful home...