Monday, May 16, 2016

THE HOUSE: Arabian Style

Now I just wanted to share the gypsum decor work from villa #3 because villa #3 is Arabic style, and thus, what I originally wanted for my own home (although I had nowhere near the budget required for what villa #3 has pulled off so far;) ). Alhamdulilah, this two year project is finally, finally nearing completion, and the family are finally in the stage where they get to choose paint colours.
 Above is the nearly finished gyps work in the men's majlis. Below is the nearly finished gyps work from the ladies majlis.
 And my favourite room, the living room, more Omani in style:
One of the nicest features in the design of this home is the atrium/courtyard in the center of the house, that the stairs to the main bedrooms and family living area circle around. I am trying to talk the owner into a Moroccan style fountain with benches in this area. As of yet, the owner wants a boring old console table;p ;D.
 Below, tile we got in China for one of the bathrooms (random I know, since this post is about gyps).

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Melissa Ortega said...

Wow! I absolutely love the work in the men's majlis.