Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pregnant in Oman in the Summer, Lovely {sarcasm}

So it is summer. Ramadan is coming. And I am pregnant, for it all, again.

I hate being pregnant. Hate it so much. I am such a busy person, I like to be busy and active, and pregnant me, just can't take my usual schedule.

Alhammdulilah anyways, because once upon a time Dr.s told me I might not be able to have children. And I know people who haven't managed to have children. So thinking of heat, fasting, and general pregnancies' crumminess---- like having to eat a certain way and sleep more, and not run around (or walk)---shouldn't be a big deal for me, and yet... I am a complainer. So the bright side?

I like that I wear abayas and caftans regularily anyways, or I'd have to get a whole new maternity wardrobe. At least there's that. However, I miss my silk pant set PJs and feel like a boat in nightgowns. I feel like a boat all the time. I love when I go to move some furniture (which I know the Dr.s will say I shouldn't be doing but I would rather die than be as bored and useless as I am expected to be) I hate when I get stuck. Like I thought I would fit around the edge of the doorframe of that end table I am shoving across the floor, but like, now I can't. I'm like a cat with its whiskers cut off. I don't know where I fit and where I don't. That verged into complaining somehow...

I like that people try to put stuff into carts for me. Like boxes of water. I mean, I know they do that anyways for annoyingly lazy women who probably can manage a trolley with just a carton of water in it, but I like that I can let them without feeling like a lazy-ass. Oman makes us into lazy-asses, especially women. We should only help sick, disabled, and elderly people (or women with two shopping carts, plus strollers and no housemaids maybe), not like, that chic who looks like the only thing she can lift is her phone.

Um, now that the throwing-up stage is over, I do like my heightened sense of smell. People are like, is this bukhoor/attar good? And I can get all the notes in it, whereas usually not pregnant, I suck at perfumes beyond the ones I like. I can mix my own oils and scents now. My husband is loving some of the stuff I've made. He's always like, you smell good. That smells good. When I'm not pregnant he buys me perfumes, which is probably a hint. Omanis love perfumes and scents. Me, when I'm not pregnant the only things I really love scented are towels and sheets.

I like that I like to clean? When I'm not pregnant I don't like to clean. Maybe it is to do with the smells. Give me bleach over mould. Furniture polish (yum). Lavender dish soap. Laundry detergent and fabric softeners and linen sprays. I know I am not supposed to bend, lift, stand a long time, yada yada, but give me a clean smelling home that shines and I feel I've accomplished something. And maybe it has nothing to do with the smell... maybe it is being unable to control so much, my health, my future, my weight, my hormones, my mood swings, my appetite, ect... that being a control-freak neat freak is comforting? I guess it might be that, because usually I am the laziest, messiest, mopper/sweeper/ironer/bedmaker/dishwasher you ever did chance meet. Not a slob, but more the person whose like, why do now what can be done tomorrow?

But the heat in Oman is driving me crazy. I could throw off my headscarf and jump into fountains and all that stuff. I've been tempted. Don't get me wrong, I'm Muslim and actually love modest dress and ordinarily find it cooler than what I wore before I was a Muslim (serrious) but, pregnancy makes me nuts. Plus I know in Islam a husband technically can't divorce his wife while she's pregnant;), so I know if I did something as crazy as all that my Omani husband would forgive me way before he could actually make good on any threat for something as crazy as me diving into a fountain sans a headscarf.  Plus trying to get stuff done and not being able to (like, I have to eat now, or sit now, or sleep once in a while) is driving me crazy! I want to stay up 24 hours, have just coffee and a sandwich, and work like mad, then take two days off and sleep. I can't do that anymore.

End of rant. I apologize in advance to anyone who bothers reading this.


Nidhal Al-Brashdi said...

Haha thank you for making me laugh first thing in the morning! I genuinely enjoyed your rant.
And I do agree with you about the heat, it's getting hotter by the minute! However, I'm sure Ramdhan isn't going to be as hard as we think it would. It wasn't any different this time last year; and subhan Allah we managed fine. That being said, I can't really speak for the pregnant women out there, as I've never been pregnant before myself.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Nidhal: Thank you for finding my complaining amusing! and for that duvet tutorial!

Ramadan is really hard for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia and thus, for a lot of pregnant (and elderly) women. I can fast Canadian hours (way longer than Omani) with ease, but pregnant, even the shortest fast is pretty tough and can have health consequences if one is not super careful with iron and blood sugar levels, as well as hydration. Last year I wasn't pregnant so yeah it turned out easy;). I haven't had an easy pregnancy/fasting period yet sadly, with two kids so far. InshaAllah this one is different!

My oldest was so excited to see the Ramadan decorations going up in city center Seeb. She wants us to go around and photograph all the decortations and window displays again this year, and to make our own, and do some Ramadan charity work (like her grandfather does Christmas charity stuff).

Heather Duncan said...

I love the way you put it "Like a cat with it's whiskers cut off", that is hilarious!

I totally understand what you mean when it slows down your hectic lifestyle, I can't sit still for two minutes to write a blog post (they are taking me weeks to complete just now) so I'm not planning any babies anytime soon unless they can literally hit the ground running :P

Hope you manage to cool off somehow :) x