Saturday, April 30, 2016

THE HOUSE: My 1.5 omr DIY for a 3.0 omr chandelier makeover for a little girl's bedroom

Can you believe this DIY chandelier only cost me 3.700 omr per piece (including chandelier, and paint)
One thing that I love to do is make-over furniture. I have a "secret" favorite used store.  I won't share where it is, because then, well, I'd miss the deals. However, my other sources include perusing the Dubizzle (Oman), visiting Dar Al Attaa's charity shop in Ruwi (near the Fatima grocery store place), and yes, going for walks and taking things from dumpsters. I have found some pretty awesome things in dumpsters. People are always throwing away chairs with broken or stained seats (so easy to fix! or re-upholster), and room dividers with rotten bases (easy to fix).... In my home country I was more of an "Antiques Store" and "Auction House" visiting kind of girl, but in Oman, I make do with what I can.

My Omani husband occasionally finds this disgusting as things people are getting rid of often do contain many gross things you have to look out for: bed bugs, cockroaches, wood rot, mould, etc.... However, I have sprays that I have invented for killing bed bugs (cockroaches I still got nothing but professional gassing---but Sunsilk shampoo does seem to kill their eggs in fabrics----reason I will never ever use that stuff in my hair), and for treating woods against rot, and for cleaning up mould. I'll write a post about that one of these days maybe? I dunno.

However, he is all good with the Dar Al Attaa charity shop (even though he appears to be allergic to it!!!!) where we got the lighting pieces for my daughter's bedroom.

For our new house, my budget is now finished. So that means, lots of DIY projects. Like, for example, lighting. I have no budget for lighting. I bought some chandeliers from China, but other than those, and my kitchen lights, everything has to be from Oman. One project I mentioned working on was my daughter's room chandeliers? I still have to do the wall lights, but I picked up two chandeliers at Dar Al Atta for 3 omr per chandelier. That means only 6 omr+ two cans of white spray paint (500 bz per can so add 1 omr) and 1 can of gold spray paint (+.500 bz) and add some hand-painted pink flowers (I have more than a few sets of acrylic and oil paint sets for painting etc. which I normally buy from anywhere to 2 omr to 5 omr per set---either from the bookshop near Dan Hypermarket in Al Khoud or Ramez in Seeb). So the total cost of the chandeliers will be 7.500 OMR + the wall lights which were 1.9 omr each (and I am using the leftover spray-paint on them).

So daughter's bedroom lighting, a total cost of 11.3 OMR. Not bad.

When I have money I'll do something prettier;).
They were pretty easy to do.

1.) remove glass lamp
2.) wrap wires with cut up plastic from garbage bags, and tie with painter's tape (or masking tape if you have patience to take masking tape off of projects [construction materials stores here in Muscat seem to think masking tape IS painter's tape but there are huge differences---I get painters tape at Ramez or Lulu)].
3.) I hung the chandeliers from an outdoor laundry line. Then I did all over white spray paint first. 2 coats.
4.) Then I hand-painted the flowers pink. When dry...
5.) I recovered all the parts I didn't want to paint with garbage bag plastic and tied to secure with tape.
6.) I spray painted then with gold. It didn't need 2 coats but if it did I would have done.
7.) After drying, I unwrapped the plastic and tape and reassembled.

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