Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Personal Post: Dreams for Plans

Life has been pretty intense recently. In two weeks I have written 20, 000 words, read over 30, 000 pages, edited two papers, sanded, painted, and primed a kitchen table, spray-painted two chandeliers, filled several muslin bags with dried lavender to hang in the closet with hangers for scenting clothes and to fold between linens, and managed to hand wash 6-7 loads of laundry a week...
...cooked (almost) 2 course meals a day, and somehow managed to mind two children under five from destroying our house, my sanity, and each other (they still like me and hug me and want to hang out with me so I must be doing okay). I have also not collapsed too recently (currently pregnant) unlike last time I was under these circumstances. I credit the recent intake of steak and lamb (and even camel!) that I am minding via my recent sojourn into mastering Moroccan cuisine (which I am far from mastering, but getting better at tangines at least). Oh and I failed my driving road test... again.
Biggest landmarks of April beyond being pregnant and failing still to make time to see a doctor (I swear I am doing better than when I do see doctors):

1.) I have started with a new boss while doing to some carry-over work with the old one to finalize a project I was almost four years on now. Instead of signing on for years, I am signing on for a few months at a time, so I can pick and choose my projects. I am aiming still for something in archeology or heritage-based work but let's face it, that is not where the money is.

2.) My house is supposed to be finished construction by the end of this month. Tile and almost all windows and doors are in and grouted/lined/edged. Kitchen cabinetry is in (and major appliances). Bathroom fixtures are coming. Painting is being completed. Lighting is all delivered. I am excited but tired of detail-minding for all these projects (not just my own home). I need a vacation (in my own new house;) ). For example, Turkey sent us the wrong kitchen hardware. China sent us black instead of white handles... The drain for the laundry room in villa 1 was installed in villa 2 by mistake... and I still need to catch the granite guy to do the counters. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

3.) I need to focus on my actual life goals more. Most of the dreams I had I have already achieved (let's face it, I am not an ambitious person---I wanted to have a family, be happy and busy, and useful---I wanted to design, build and decorate a home of my own, and own it---- and beyond that, what has gone unfulfilled so far are the following:
a. Finish a novel or book (at least one to be published---that I write about something I want not for anybody else and without anyone else's name as the primary author on the cover when I am doing all the actual work!!!!).
b. Start my own business.... ugh.... so hard to do this really.
c. Have a career in archeology even for a short period of time (internships as a teenager do not count as fulfillment of this dream Dad!!!!!)
d. Travel again. I need to see China more, I need to do Italy and France, Ireland again, Germany and Canada for my husband and kids...Zanzibar, the DRC, Rwanda, all the African great lakes....Yemen, Israel/ day.
Other people's goals for me include:
d. total independence (I am financially and capably independent of most people already) in the form of having a driving license. Which I seem unable to do (I prefer having a driver really but I guess....)
e. update my wardrobe (I used to be the Queen of doing this, and loving to do so, but I don't like buying clothes when I'm pregnant and I'd rather spend my money on restaurants, travel, toys for my kids, and decorating my house right now.... Maybe when the house is finished and I am back to regular size my enthusiasm for being stylish will come back? I don't know...
f. learn another language enough to work in it in a scholarly capacity (doubt I'll actually do this, but hey, Arabic would be nice right?) ;)

Sorry for the rather intrinsically motivated diary-esqe post. I have little energy or time to write something more related to general life in Oman right now;).

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Wow, you are super productive! That's inspiring!