Sunday, March 6, 2016

Using Moroccan Tea Glasses and Cups in Your Decor---for other than tea and shelf beautification

I love Moroccan tea glasses. I can never have too many. I recently found a huge selection at the new Yas Hypermarket, in Al Khoud I think? To justify purchasing more than I already have, of course, I would have to find reasons to use them for things other than tea, for which, my current supply of gorgeous glassware, is more than sufficient. So to what purpose, can Moroccan tea glasses, be put?

#1: Candleholders. By far the most popular.
 #2, and close variant of #1 purpose, for Candle making....
...Why? Their lovely colours and intricate detailing leave them en par with any other candle holder you could come up with.
#3. To hold other foodstuffs, beyond, tea and drinks... ever pretty. Sorbets, parfaits... even boring old yogurt....and you've got instant yum.
#4. As Vases for Flowers.
#5 Bathroom organization.
 #5 Makeup and Vanity organization.
#6 to hold teaspoons (I use the larger silver cups for utensil organization)
#7 to hold paintbrushes and pencils
And lastly, apparently the #8 most popular use is for feathers... what'd'ya'know.

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