Saturday, March 12, 2016

THE HOUSE: I bought a couch because it rained, and as it was raining cats and dogs, we got some kittens

During this last rainstorm I was trapped an extra long time in Pan Emirates furniture, as there happened to be a wadi flowing outside my front door (my street became a river), and no I am not talking about my Al Dhakliyia/Interior region existence, I am talking about my Muscat one.
I live in Al Hail, just before Athaiba. The rain was torrential, the wind was harsh, a couple of palm tree heads snapped off and they popped just before us, blocking the road.  The sheet metal rooftops (often just secured with cinder blocks) of workers' temporary housing were flying dangerously, and I felt awfully bad for them as I saw them {Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis} chasing clothes and shampoo bottles, as their toothpaste was carried away by the river that was rising.

After having frantically helped our workers carry stuff (building materials that could be damaged by water) {and trust me, it is an odd sight to them, to see a woman carrying stone pillars and windows up stairs during a lightening storm} we tried to drive home. But, due to fallen palm trees on one side, and water too high on the other, we ended up seeking shelter in Pan Emirates furniture, and apparently more than one homestead of workers (and a pregnant orange cat about to give birth) sought shelter in our nearly-finished construction-site of a twin villa project shortly after we left. The rains eventually ceded away, and the storm left behind it, two kittens, and a couch.

My husband knows to beware leaving me alone too long in a homes goods store, even Ramez. I will inevitably come away with something, like a set of glasses, or baskets, or some teaspoons. Furniture stores, when my bank account allows, are actually the most dangerous. I have already bought a bunch of stuff from Pan Emirates:
...(2) of these mirrors,
...this coffee table (plus two end tables I haven't unpacked yet---as my kids are already enjoying messing the coffee table up enough),
...this electric fireplace/heater (you do need a suitable watt. plug or you will burn your house down btw) {nice on cold wet windy days---if your power doesn't go out}... some seagrass woven baskets...
...picture frames...
...and a console table. So when I bought the couch, I was one of those annoying customers who took like, the console table, put it behind the couch, changed the pillows (the couch was too green for the paint I am going to use---but changing some cushions balances it all out), and put flowers into a vase etc.... But the guys and girls who work there know me, so they were all good with my mess (and consequently we sold some very green velvet sofas that night to people beyond me). Pretty much now I have purchased everything but armchairs, lamps, and twin console tables, for the living room in villa number two, and since tiling is almost done in villa #1 soon we'll get to do a custom sofa and some rock wall art for the TV wall in that villa. Exciting, since the villas have very different styles, one a much more modern neutral French-American palette, and the other, European (but not Kuwaiti soap opera European inshaAllah;) ). And villa #3 is Arabic in style, however the owner likes Kuwaiti soap operas lol, so I am stuck with Egyptian gold furniture in the bedroom at least. Still, the men's majlis does excite me, and the facade on that. Good news is all windows held up through the rain with no water leakage. Here's how I see villa #2's living room:
And villa #2's kitchen should be installed this week upcoming (miskeen villa #1 has a tile shortage so gotta work on that this week):
And just before the rains, I was debating between these two home center lighting options for villa #2's master bedroom:
 The first option is perfectly suited to the white and gold bedroom suite, and it is super feminine. It is also double the price of the second option, which I have decided to go with, even though it is a little bit more masculine than the room allows. Thus I will do a more masculine stripe wallpaper, instead of a pattern we were thinking before, and a brass bar-and rod simple curtain treatment on the drapes, instead of a criss-crossed-with-sheers-and valance number we already got a quote on (sorry curtain guy!!!!---I know you hate me). So it'll be a little like all this mumbo jumbo below:
Villa #1 is supposed to be a neutral modern French, but the furniture the owner bought is very American, so we'll see what can be done with fabrics and finishings for that. So beyond, everything is a few days late from the rain but the front facade is coming along nicely, although the stone guys were making some pretty dumb mistakes but they're all fixed now alhamdulilah!!! As soon as the front steps and wall is built, we'll start planting for landscaping... It is supposed to all look something like this thus far (owners keep changing their minds on colours and materials):
Oh, and yeah, of course you want to see the kittens;) :


Sal Bos said...

love the color boards.. so which is your villa,, 1, 2 or 3... and are you decorating for all the women or just a few..... love the green couch,,, great choice,,,, and the textures/fabric in bedroom,,, lovely designs ... Sal Bo

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Sal Bos: Mine is the villa with green couch;). I am decorating certain rooms and some of the architectural choices for all 3 villas. 2 are owned by women (one is me!) the other by a man although his wife decides mostly everything;).