Tuesday, February 16, 2016

SHOPPING: Zara Home, Arabian home stylings for Spring '16

 I always love pieces from Zara home's latest collection. These are the pieces I thought would most suit an Omani princess. These cushions would be perfect for a beach-front villa...
 And towels with pom-poms or tassels? I always love.
An adorable picture frame for a side-table?
 And what wannabe Arabian princess doesn't collect lanterns?
 And what Omani princess (who does have to do dishes) wouldn't want this cut-glass soap dispenser for her dish soap? Now find a dish soap that smells like Jasmine and Narcissus or sandalwood or something, and you've got a less ugly chore now don't you?
Like this one:

And dry up with these cute %100 linen  tea towels:
 Wouldn't hurt at all if you had a kitchen window that looked out into a garden like this;) :


Anonymous said...

Apologies this is off topic but I haven't read your blog in years and I'm happy to see your still a muslim!! So sad most people from the blogger community before have left islam or aren't practicing anymore. You are like the last of the mohicans loooool

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: You must mean 'Pixie' specifically then, and if so thanks. I find most of the bloggers I know are still muslim but practicing much more quietly these days;) alhamdulilah for that. I don't really for Islamic posts these days however... so I am a dead Mohican so to speak;). Just life, this country I live in, and general stuff, occasionally abayas. Islamic scholarship... not so much. Kids and work I don't find time to read in depth... alas.

Sal Bos said...

Zara has amazing products.... love them.