Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SHOPPING: Western Women's Wear with an Arabian Touch for Spring 2016

These are my picks for Spring 2016 for looks any would-be-Omani princess would love, that have an Arabian flavor.

First off {above}, the 'Gazelle print' top from Zara for 17.90 OMR. I want it. I want it bad. I jumped around as excitedly as a little gazelle when I first saw it. My Omani husband was like, "stop that!". But I didn't care. It was just that perfect.
I love the 1940s style cut out on this tribal print dress. Makes me think of Zanzibar. It is from Mango and costs 17.900 OMR.
Now of course, in Oman, we don't usually need to pick up a Spring coat, but if we did, this short spring coat from H&M for 32.900 OMR would be perfect.
I could also see some Omani princess rockin' this Zara midi-skirt (I forget the price).... I probably like it with a black top and a tan and giant sun hat with an insanely wide brim...but that's just me.
And Promod has the perfect pair of trousers (you can get them dirty hiking up the side of a wadi, or you can wear them with heels to lunch). Okay, cargo pants are still the perfect pant to me, but they are way way out of style, and these are a more stylish compromise for a former cargo-pant addict.
And I so so so love this embroidered beach cover-up from Forever 21. Admittedly, I would probably wear it as a tank-top or tight tee cover up in Oman;) with a tonne of jewelry and jeans, but the blue and white always reminds me of Arabian, North African and Iranian Islamic-influenced tile motifs.
It'd look cute for instance (the Forever 21 beach cover-up) over this Mango tunic dress (that I'd wear over skinny-jean blue jeans of the darkest blue hue, or something more casual, and cuffed. I think this dress is super cheap at Mango right now (like 9 OMR or something like that) and I love tassels and pom-pom anything. My father jokes that in the U.K I like to match the curtains and upholstery. If he was in Oman, he'd probably say I like to match people's tents. Oh well! Who care about the fashion opinions of the man who wears new Lacoste  and Ralph Lauren shirts (that we had to lie and say came from the Work Warehouse sale section) to burn crap in the yard anyways? Tassels and pom poms rock.
Things that I have taken to? If my abaya (since you can't see what's under my abaya) is actually fashionable and not anything too Arabian or ethnic (because I don't want to look Bedu/Jebali at this particular stage in my hijab-wearing evolution) I have started to carry hand-woven Omani palm baskets when I shop. They are strong, they are environmentally sustainable, they fund local artisans and Omani craftspeople, and they're chic. I think French women look so chic with their baskets for shopping, and I used to love a wicker basket I had for shopping. I bought mine (palm frond ones) in Sohar, and my mother-in-law already has stolen one. I'm hoping to make this a trend, since something about the new coloured abayas, and a palm basket, reminds me of spring.
Inspiration (not period Kuwaiti-spice-merchant lost-his-ships-at-sea and now his daughter-must marry-her-evil-cousin dramas): French practicality (I know everyone loves Bridget Bardot and Jane Birkin and their wicker, but I am an Ines and Mimi Thorisson-especially girl):


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Got to know,, did you get the gazelle blouse,, it was perfect,, i would jump around also.. :)

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