Monday, January 18, 2016

Updates on plans for the future of this blog, and eye-candy until then

Dear Blog readers, I have totally been meaning to do a bunch of new and hopefully interesting posts. One on Omanization (although lol, my comments on Muscat Mutterings on the subject elicited an angry response so who knows how that will go---I'll try to spell-check and refrain from exaggerated emotional statements;) ). Another on the new public transit system (versus taxis who are apparently unhappy with it). Another overdue restaurant review on Shangri-la's moroccan restaurant. Also an update on the house building project and the progress of three different villas (that were supposed to be completed this month but probably won't be liveable for another month yet). I simply don't have time. It is work-construction-husband-kids-washing machine broke again so laundry is a big portion of my day lol. I have also been meaning to sit down and interview three different lovely anthropologists I know;) about their work in Oman. Also, the latest in cancer research emerging from Oman. And updates on FGM practices and studies in Oman. Also I was supposed to do a spa review but waffled out of that since who am I to review a spa? So if there is ever time, my Omani sister-in-law will do it for y'all, since she's really the Queen of spas (I think she goes every other day to some sort of spa or salon).
....Also I am trying to convince and make time to have tea with three lovely ladies from the royal family on what it means to be a real Omani princess (since us OPNO girls are not Omani ethnically---or culturally---and not directly descended from any royal family we are aware of;) ) in 2016. So stay tuned. If these very private ladies agree, that would be cool would it not? Can't promise they will, but I totally want to do interesting interview again. But again, blogging is a hobby I do when I am on hold on the phone at work or can't sleep at night because there's another bloody wedding going on, on my street that is cursed with weekly weddings.
Eye-candy until then.

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Мария Селиванова said...

Hello! I've just discovered your blog and absolutely love it! It is very informative, honest and funny. I am just an expat residing in Dubai but I am eager to know more about the culture and day-to-day life of GCC people and your blog provides precious opportunity to do so. Thanks for that!
Just wanted to check, were there any interviews with anthropologists posted as you intended? I could not find them but maybe I missed something. Would love to read them, very interested in this topic!