Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Update on the House, and my DIY list....

Gotta prime, paint, then handpaint, this electric fireplace for the new house, and then get it installed at same time as gyps+painting

So life in my life (forgive the banally boring diary-type-esque post this will evolve into) lately... The kitchen is being tiled. It looks... beautiful. Hope it stays that way. Seeing how much of the tiles broke (I was being a total cheapo like usual) during the cutting process, I fear for my living room and bedrooms flooring which I am sure we did not buy enough of in China... but oh well. I'll get to that when the time comes.
We ordered the railing for the terrace and balconies and some stones for the different villas, outside facade, and inside for villa #1's TV wall. I also need to pick up some other tiles I have left in mabaila... and wow the price for ceiling tile is way cheaper in Barka than it is in Al Khoud;).

Life beyond tiles, took us on a tour of the world of custom draperies and upholsteries... I found a man who makes couches in Souq al seeb whose work I like and who has a not-too-greedy price for them...Most of the Souq Seeb shops were like, this velvet for your curtain is 55 rials. I am like, are your serrious, for a simply-no-valance-no-sheers drape? For like, velvet that is 3 omr a meter?  So for curtains we ventured as far as Rustaq where like in the middle of nowhere in a wadi there was an upholstery shop that could produce my velvet curtains for 18 omr, and the super fancy ones with valances and pulls and sheers for 55-75 omr. Much more honest, since I know the ammount of work and the cost of fabrics... just too lazy to sew for myself... Though I will do it if I run out of our budget somehow.

The stair railings for villa arrived. Curse of all Chinese curses, of course, they didn't understand our instructions and painted the MAHOGANY RAILING white. Now I have to buy a bloody sander (32 omr are you serrious Black & Decker?!) and re-finish it. I am going to try out Jotun's wood stains and varnishes for the first time ever. I can review them I guess. Villa #2 's railing were supposed to be black iron and now they're gold. Whatever, after doing the mahogany project I'll be too tired to work on my own, so for now, they'll stay gold (do I look like a gold stair-railing kind of person?).

On the wood re-finishing front I also need to re-finish my old home center rubberwood table to look like it is oak, and aged, so that, when the new kitchen goes in, its old tile top can be covered with the granite we chose for the kitchen counters, and it can become our new island. The horrible (but made of good wood) shaker-style chairs that came with it, will be another set of DIY projects, eventually. My husband will use their legs (hopefully to barley-twist them because I love a good barley twist) for another furniture project (and then he'll give them to me to re-stain them). But the seats are destined to become the brackets for my kitchen floating shelves... and then that will be become a painting project. I just need a table saw, a jig-aw, some cheese-cloth, and a sander. Indians look at me really weird when I go into construction materials stores alone and ask for discounts on saws, really, in an abaya.

The gyps decor dude has to do all the tanzeel for villa #1. Villa #2 construction will cut the cement and re-plaster to spare me the expense of doing tanzeel (which they were gonna have to pay for) so yes!. Just need to get the crown mouldings and ceiling medallions estimated up so I can decide where we can splurge and where to reign it in.

Gotta estimate the cost of window fixing (I wanted outer opposed to inner fixed windows which is rare in Oman and our construction doesn't know how to do it).

I also recently went to a used-store and picked up a bedroom set for my little Omani princess daughter/bint/Princess Elsa of Arandell/Muscat (whoever she decides she is on any particular given day). It needs some re-finishing. But I mean, c'mon, 230 omr for a 6 door wadrobe with a mirror, a queen-size bed, and a dressing table? That's pretty AWESOME for Oman. Where like, a cupboard with 6 doors new is 300 at least.
I recently framed a bunch of 1890s fashion plates for her bedroom using frames I picked up for under 8 omr (8 frames!) from Emirates Gift Market. I might need to age the frames to make them go with her antique pink colour scheme choice (she changes back to Elsa blue every other day) but we'll see. After the curtains are ordered, then there's no going back for the frames finish. I have some other antique books (bad condition---my father would probably chuck 'em) I have plans for as well.

I also discovered I can ship modge podge to Oman. Watch out ugly Lulu wardrobe cupboards, I am coming for you soon!

On top of all this is work, which is, 60% of my spare time, with husband being another 20%, and then kids another 10% (husband and 1 year old want me to die from dishes, and sweeping floors I swear, and washing stupid laundry and hanging it after its dry). Plus the 1 year old bites my legs every time I walk by him on the phone with work. The 4 year old has learned (but doesn't like) to pick up after her toys and to carry her dirty dishes to the kitchen so I think she deserves a princess bedroom.
I finished painting all but one side of a tea box that I made for my husband (who loves blue and white porcelains, which is kind of a chick thing for Canadian men but for Omani men I guess not?). I am working on some other paintings... a still life for my living room, a portrait of my little sister...
a scene of ireland... (tree bark is hard!)
I am just posting them so if you don't see them hung in the final reveal... well. Obviously I didn't finish them... like Cleopatra who still scours at me;).


Raheel said...

Your paintings look great mashaAllah! I hadn't seen very much of your work before.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Raheel: I sort of was really quiet about my art because mostly I used to do portraits, or horse paintings... and when i became Muslim everyone was like, woah that's shirk. So I stopped for a long long time.

But I've started again. I just don't pray facing images or worship them;). InshaAllah Allah is all good with that;).

I don't know, when I try to paint a living thing, I just realize how much more amazing Allah is. Like, I can't even get it (at one angle) to look alive, or the same, let alone, make it breathe;).

Anonymous said...

Do you have an email? I have a question.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: yes. OPNOprincess @ hotmail .com (no spaces)

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy your fire place from?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anon> Pan Emirates. And China;)