Tuesday, December 29, 2015

STYLISH SISTERS: Rumaitha Al Busaidi--- Radio Presenter, Adventurer, Writer, Blogger

I've always been reading along with her blog [Rummy's Scribblings ]. since I moved to Oman, however, I never put two and two together about who she actually was until, like, last year;). Because I'm smart. ....But I remember when I heard there was an Omani woman on the Antarctica team of Freezing Omanis I totally cheered inside, and was like, hell yes, thank you!  ...Not that I would ever really want to go to Antarctica myself, having grown up in Canada;p. Cold sucks to me. But I'm glad she did it, for all the women who dream to go somewhere and do something, but it might not be the most "appropriate dream" within their family or tribe or culture. Being a female adventurer is something rare in Oman, and it would make me think Rumaitha a super stylish sister indeed, even if she like, wore parkas all the time, or a paper bag. (RANDOM: "Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch is one of the most awesome little girl's books ever).
Still, not to be overly repetative, I feel like Rumaitha (to me she'll always be Rummy, like to some people, I'll always, sadly, be 'Pixie' or that other OPNO girl;) is an example of someone being brave enough to live their dreams and live their own life. I think that is unique in the Gulf for a lot of women. (I know, it's Oman, women are free, but really, the bravery of doing your own thing is still refreshing here, and unique, and I admire that a lot).
And of course, I recently discovered Rumaitha's instagram account [ Rumaitha Al Busaidi (@rummoya) • Instagram photos and ... ], and she so does not run around in Arctic parkas all the time. She has some pretty fly shoes;) and some awesome green scarves;).

Rumaitha has that cute mix-and-match style that admire in Omani women in general. I love her coffee+ a quote shots. Shoes+coffee+scarf style+words of wisdom? Climbing mountains? Travel? Adventure? Food? What's not to like?


ZeZe said...

So she completes an Antarctic mission and you reduce it to her shes and coffee?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

ZeZe: Of course not. I said what makes Rummy special is she does her own thing. Being an adventurer, following her dreams.

Honestly, going to Antarctica is not personally impressive to me. I have friends who aren't Omani who've done way more awesome things than that. But I do think it is impressive for someone born and raised in the Gulf, showing independence, confidence, in a character building way you know;). Like I said, I don't like cold places;). But maybe some other Muslim girl out there, looking at my stylish sisters series for abaya fashion, will want to go to Antarctica one day, climb Everest, be a deep-sea diver, I don't know. If someone can inspire others to do stuff like that, THAT'S IMPRESSIVE TO ME.

Is it my fault a lot of Muslim women read this blog (i can tell from my feedjit about most commonly googled posts) for abaya fashion and style? So they look for that but learn about an awesome Omani lady at the same time.
I think that's all good.

But since you want to misread my comments on Muscat Mutterings and here, feel free. I'm actually trying to say what you said with less words, excepting I think we over employ the armed forces. We can agree to disagree on that, I suppose. But you can't disagree that Rumaitha is an inspiring lady, and deserves to be labelled a stylish one:).