Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Is there anything Jiu-jitsu or MMA-related in Muscat for Women-Only with Accredited Female Instructors?

Hey I was totally wondering (and I know I could search Muscat Where Can I Find) but I was wondering if any of my readers knew of a women-only (with a female instructor) jui-jit-su class? I don't really want to do online classes, and I can't go to Dubai/UAE just for fun.

I'm not really a  traditional gym kind of girl.

...Or anything MMA related I suppose for women only with female instructers?: although I assume I'll forever suck at anything related to kicking, or boxing, since I am a clutz, with no serrious muscle power.

I know there were a lot of great hijabi Canadian and Iranian fighters (Muslim girls with hijab) back in Canada or who travelled there whose matches I got to see so.... I've always had this interest.

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Unknown said...

I am looking for the same but in Salalah, Oman