Sunday, November 8, 2015

Young Man Hanged Along Seeb Corniche, and Pioneering Sexual Abuse Awareness Initiative for Omani Middle School Students

A (very) young man (Omani) was found hung from an areesh (palm frond shelter) along Seeb Corniche the other day (where the fishermen keep their boats usually).

There was intense bruising on his face (rather inconsistent with the affects of hanging). Sources (of opinion--- not the ROP) say it was a suicide... I wonder.  {I have no idea towards the ROP's thoughts on the matter}

I mean, if I was just beaten up, my first response wouldn't be to hang myself unless I was so ashamed of what had happened in part of THAT experience (okay, so I'd never kill myself, even if I wasn't a Muslim) so....

...If it was a suicide,  what drove the young man to it? He had a whole life ahead of him, what was so terrible he'd have to hang himself?

And, as I feel, it wasn't a suicide? Who did it? Do people care? What is being done into investigating it all?

As always in Oman, everyone is being too polite to seem affective.

Maybe totally unrelated...:

At least I am pleased to hear about a new (and rather brave---considering how sensitive the issue is) education initiative that the male school teachers {in Seeb Middle Schools at least} have started.

The aim is to make students (boys) aware about sexual abuse, how to prevent it, how to report it, what it is, order to combat the issue of rape. They are also doing studies about how many rape cases every year happen in Muscat boys schools (which of course, are assumed to be a lower number than those attempted or actually reported). The numbers were still scary to a Westerner like me, who thinks even one yearly case of rape a year is too many. I can't help thinking, if these were Omani girls, not Omani boys, that there would be a much greater effort made to combat these statistics, however, every effort helps.

One male Omani school teacher reported to me of at least two cases of attempted rape in a Muscat school where seemingly nothing was done by the police or the courts (he insists the courts not the police were to blame in these cases) to punish the would be rapists (apparently serial offenders, also students in the school).

I applaud the teachers (and the Ministry of Education  and Health maybe? for supporting their endeavor). The school shooting in Shinas [where an Omani teacher whose son had been raped and who had reported the case to the ROP but the rapist had no punishment, went to the school of the rapist-boy, and shot him] was an eye-opener for everyone. The Seeb teachers' motto is "what if it happened to your son, because it could" in case anyone should object to the controversy of their awareness program for prevention.

See, talking about it, helps. Too bad it took something like the Shinas School Shooting, to make it okay for us to talk about it.

As statistics say rape is a reality in Oman, for Omani school-aged boys (by other Omani-school aged boys) I think this program needs to extend to all schools in Oman, even the younger aged students (when it is a much less embarrassing issue than it is for teenage students). Beyond that, studies should confirm what I theorize, that rape statistics are much much much lower (or negligibly non-existent) in mixed gender educational institutions [so long as harsher penalties are inflicted upon would-be rapists, and teachers if they date, marry, or sexually interact inappropriately with any currently-enrolled students].

All my best to the programs' brave teachers, all ministries involved and supporting and aiding the initiative, and the ROP, for their role in helping teachers make our schools a safe place for our children.


Rumaitha Al Busaidi said...

Well done to the school teachers on the initiative, it's about time something like this takes the limelight and stays there. In regards to your comment on what if it were Omani girls? Believe me when I say they turn a deaf ear just the same as they did with the boy in Shinas.

I know personally a few school rape cases that happened in mixed gender schools to primary level girls. Cases reported to the police and all they had to say about it was how sure are you that your daughter is not lying. So go figure!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Rumaitha: That's terrible! But wouldn't happen with anyone I know since the families would probably go kill the rapist before even reporting it to the police if it were a daughter... :OOOOO... but before like Shinas, people tended to treat and talk about how they'd handle boys cases differently... (Was it another student or a teacher in those cases though?, like another primary student boy? Or was it teacher misconduct?). I have heard about teachers.... But the police doing nothing is really really terrible....

I am glad they started this new program in Seeb boys schools, really. They also started talking about female genital mutilation, randomly, but I don't think that will continue.... lol. But at least rape of boys by other boys can be spoken against right?

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity ... Whats the problem when your child lies about being raped? I would say, I have to believe my child and protect him/her. When I don´t take it seriously, how she can trust you in the future and feel safe, protected. When it comes out that he/she told lies, he will learn to be honest and when he was raped he learns that he is important to you and you care about her/his well-being.

Saddened said...

CCTV in toilets and unsupervised areas. Child courts to try cases

Anonymous said...

In the shariah law it states punish rapist by killing them off. Correct me if am wrong.